Monday, April 11, 2011

Brace yourself, OWEbama will be speaking about saving the dollar...

$42 magnet was working last night and was short lived. Oh in case you all forgot, Blythe is still alive and underwater in the silver trade from $12/oz and still short 125 million oz. Sooooooo, I think we should be testing the $40 level again, and hopefully it gets smashed to $17 again, today, so I can buy more, PHYZZ that izzzz.

Volatility to commence. Keep the food down.

1 comment:

  1. Yes PM can be beaten down *only* because his speech will be synchronized with bLYTHE'S monkeys. It's the only way it can work. I know it because I remember what happened when Trichet or Merkel were speaking to 'save' the EUR. Each time tumbled like crazy

    It's strange to me anyway, because usually all tricks and hawkish talks are given to public on Thu and Fri so Mrs Head of Commodities has enough time to cover her shorts by next Tuesday COT.