Sunday, March 6, 2011

Warming up for the "day of Rage" - House of Saud ready to rumble!

Like I said many times, this was inevitable and if its gets worse, get out your dollars pump prices are going to be fucktarded.

Click here for Saudi mobilization

If the Saudi royal family decides to use maximum violence against demonstrators, OWEbama will be confronted by one of the most sensitive Middle East decisions of his administration, and possibly in US history. US media will cover up ALL violence against citizens...but I guess thats what Al-Jezera is for;)

I can assure you right now, the Israeli lobbies such as AIPAC are running all nighters as the tiny little state is about to feel the wrath of the rest of the world's hate.

I hate to tell you this, but the small plastic covering on the nuclear button is about to lifted as this state will do 'anything' to protect itself against the cruel, non human, blue blooded beasts of the middle east. You heard it here first.


$US just surged with the of the two will have to come back down by the morning...



  2. OWEbama! That's pretty good, SGS.
    Keep the posts coming...silver is up 1.7% in OVERNIGHT trading! WTF?


    I don't come here for this. I can anywhere on the Internet for that opinion.

    I come here for SILVER.

    Please, last time, leave the politics out of here. I will leave and not return.

  4. I couldn't agree with your headline here any more. That about covers it all perfectly. And yes I watch "Al-Jazerra" instead of the entire U.S.A. Alphabet News sources.

  5. Jesus Jack...sometimes I need content, and the ME problemo is what silver needs to get to $100. Holy moly.
    $36.30 because of it !

  6. Well I'm encouraged but the not Israel bashing in this post.

  7. SGS is correct. If the ME starts turning sand into glass $100 silver would be the least of our concerns. I'm all for seeing silver hit triple digits, but I'd prefer to get there at less than a few million degrees fahrenheit. That also means $500 oil and $25 gas but gotta be good for 2000 on the S&P.