Friday, March 25, 2011

$US dollar catching a bid

I'm assuming this is going to test expect some PM weakness and manipulation today...


  1. not that im anywhere near as knowledgeable as you are but we've seen PM strength in dollar strength before in the not to distant past. If the Euro is currently barfing as i suspect it is over the impending Eurozone debt crisis meltdown, that doesnt necessarily mean the dollar is 'winning', no? ill sit back and observe.

  2. agreed. I just hate when we have short term $US and PM strength at the same time. It means eventually one of them has to get smoked! and it better be the cotton/linen kind...

  3. perhaps we have our answer - the dollar is up and the PM's arre looking down. hoping we see some support hold and rebound off of 37$. if we break lower than that in the globex i bite my fingernails