Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm expecting donations after today. Enjoy.

I hope we get back down into the .51's and test...but this thing could literally launch to its real value of $1 soon. Good luck. I will sell my half my position at $1.50 and ride the rest for the takeout offer.

I told you to buy this at .32 long long ago....hope you bought the fucking dips.


  1. Damn, SGS, nice call on Tinka.
    What is interesting to me is that Tinka is not even yet at its 2005 high of $0.70, when silver was priced at $7/oz????
    Now silver is $38/oz? Seems like Tinka is still undervalued...

  2. umm yeah i had a 5000 issue order that missed by a cockhair yesterday at .516 (bid was .514)! its ok though because im loaded up and will continue to be buying any selloff with this one.

  3. My update is up and available for consumption.

  4. can someone give me some recommendations on where is a good place to buy and sell some of these for someone new to this? i understand the opportunities currently present and would like to take advantage of them. currently being in college with little to no income sucks so i would deeply appreciate any advice. SGS this is an awesome blog and will donate once i get the ball rolling thanks