Thursday, March 3, 2011

TINKA Resources TK.V / TKRFF and Encanto Update EPO.V

Read disclaimer and consult an advisor before making any insane share purchases. Stocks often go to ZERO. DO your Due Diligence.

Here is your Friday Juniors update, because quite frankly I have nothing to write about in the CRIMEX right now, as its all crap. SO lets move into something even more rigged, the stock market! These two are ready to for action and major movements.

Tinka Resources, ticker TK.V or TKRFF is in my opinion, the best kept under the radar junior out there right now. I reco'd doing some DD on this stock long ago at it made new highs of .45, with a last minute buying frenzy from a big timer. Judging by the chart, we should be headed towards the mid .50's maybe even the .60's before consolidating back down in the .55 region. Here's your chance to make some extra fiat before the TSHTF. I will not sell till $1.50. If I do, it will be because of some catastrophic market flash crash 2008 like event, in which we should have ample time to be ready for. If you do your homework on this, you will see that its trading as if the price of bullion is $1-2 an ounce, and with 20 million ounces (I say more) under their feet, this is a steal. Oh, forgot to mention the main part of this post, PR has told us that the drill rig should be here by April 1st. Who has a 50 hole drill program already funded with 40 million outstanding shares and cash in the bank? Chart looks explosive.

Encanto Potash EPO.V

There have some interesting trading patterns as of late, and I find it very interesting that there isnt heavy volume today, or all week for that matter. The "water shed" moment should have been monday morning before the market opened. Management pulled a fast one. So here's the deal: I would be highly discouraged not to see a 43-101 PR out by 9 am tomorrow morning. That being said, they have 6 world class properties. Sooooo, I'll say it: At this point its a flip of the coin...if the 43-101 estimate says 150 million + tonnes, we are money, and this will literally launch to $2 in a matter of weeks like its peers did. If it doesn't, we will see .20-.30 cents.
I am fully loaded, and ready for payday. SHOW ME THE POTASH!

I wish everyone the best of luck. Lets turn some of this good fortune into physical silver!


  1. I'll be glad when this is all over--END GAME---yes!

    Ecc 7:8 Better [is] the end of a thing than the beginning thereof: [and] the patient in spirit [is] better than the proud in spirit.

    All you can do is sit back, watch the chart and ride the waves up and down. Just think of it as "surfing the trades".

  2. Thanks SGS for showing me Encanto. I would not have come across this without your blog. My god what a stock! After doing my DD, I went ALL IN.It definitely seemed worth the risk to me. If it hits real big, I would like to payback something to you:).

    I wish I could have loaded more at 0.35 Tinka. But all my money went to Encanto anyway:). Will try to buy some more at 0.4 if it comes.

    I did not go for GWG because Kaisher Bottom fish was not very favorable to that REE play.

    Lets see how it fans out. I had made good money in Great panther, Copper fox, Aurcana, Impact Silver, Cream minerals and several other stocks.
    But nothing beats Encanto!

  3. SGS, saw your comment on TF. You hoping to fill some stink bids tomorrow or what kind of excitement do you forsee?
    Purchased my first juniors ever in TK and GWG thanks to your recommendation and yes I read the disclaimer.

  4. copper fox is the junior I missed this year for me. I couldn't pull the trigger at .75. I looked at the chart today and almost shit.

  5. abnormal: Non Farms Payroll will spin heads tomorrow. Lots of volatility coming. Blythe will be in attack mode, or else $35's will be a blasted through. I try not to write about spot anymore, its too manipulated. I cant stand trying to tackle it with TA anymore, its futile. All I know is that there isnt metal left...and sooner than later the buzzer will sound.

    TK is great you should do well. Stink bids filled in TK at .41 today. Not many sellers hitting the bids, its overwhelmingly 75% hitting the offers like its free. The warrants line up to sell, and someone just keeps filling them. I'm not selling anything for a while.

    GWG will move when the rest of the Rare earths move. Its bouncing nicely off the MA...better test $1 soon and consolidate higher...we need some nice China hoarding REE news any day now...LOL

  6. Hey SGS, totally digging the site and it seems we like a lot of the same miners - specifically Tinka and Copper Fox. I totally agree with you about Tinka and linked to your writeup from my blog. It's like we share a brain or something...


  7. Well, if she attacks then it will be time to purchase more ounces. Its kind of been a blessing.. well not kind of it has been for me. I just started in late december but have been going at it full bore.
    Bought some TK yesterday at .405.. thanks!

  8. I don't have a clue why a few reports have us all spooked by an alleged correction coming. I think it might be a false flag event here. We have to monitor this all the time like threatening severe weather to do any good but of course that's hard for one person. So once in a while when people see what's going on it's good to post it.

    Right now there's a little bit of volume increase and it looks like some upward progress in spot price. Short term if it breaks $34.50 and gets above $35 by market open tomorrow we will probably see Blythe have to violate her instructions. I'm actually hoping this happens (not forecasting).

    I refuse to say emphatically what will happen but I think I have a good plan regardless of which way it goes.

    Wow just had a new computer here delivered it's a DELL ALIENWARE. Works nice so far! The keyboard is like my old XPS nice and big (as laptops can be).
    We'll see how these new SOLID STATE HARD DRIVES hold up.

    It's hard to get a good computer these days but I prefer laptops for their general portability. I recommend the DELL ALIENWARE so far but I also like SAGER notebooks. Other than that I don't know. The new LED screens are great---aren't they?

    So there seems to be a rumor that MR. SGS was shutting down this blog. Where did that come from? I never read him say anything of such.

    Do you actually make money running a blog? I heard people get paid on YOUTUBE now. Is it worth it?

    I'm not rich but I wonder if some of us might end up better off with all this gold and silver? Seems like they wouldn't want a peon like me to get anywhere but I'm going to give it a shot.

    Hope you all do well in this really. I enjoy reading the posts here. Much better than on Yahu. I actually like the moderator here too. :-) He keeps it lively doesn't he? :-)

  9. What was with the USD transaction on the open this am? Looks like a shot @ the dollar?

  10. Thanks for your comment on Encanto and your reply to my question in the previous thread. I have been waiting on this one for a while...growing impatient. I have heard nothing but positive things about it, but where is the upward movement!!! Lets hope the 43-101 is out tomorrow :)

  11. since this post is about the SM, are there any legit books u guys recommend to get a better understanding of what one needs to know? or is that irrelevant since its rigged? fairly new so im tryin to understand as much as possible. SGS, this blogs been a game changer thanks x10

  12. SGS, I know you love TK, but any other junior Silver plays you like?

  13. SGS, hi I enjoy your blog and I have looked a little into Tinka but would you please post some fundamental reasons why Tinka's share price should rise and not just pump it up. I have invested in mining share for the last decade and these are exciting times for miners. Juniors though have much to do to get to be a mine, so please post in your opinion why Tinka will become a mine or be bought out. Thank you in advance.

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  15. hey guys, what do you all think of this video? he says in a world without rule of law situation, gold and silver will be worthless.

    he seems to think that all world markets will implode or something (he doesn't say that but what else could he be implying) and that people will only barter food, weapons, ammo, water, barbed wire, shit like that

    i think he's gone a little too far with this one, but he does have a point. get other necessities before PMs.

  16. Michael: What do I think of that video? Not much! :-)

  17. No pumping here, just pure speculative information.

    WARNING: this is not stockhouse. Do not post your junior ideas on my blog, I will delete them. Go to Turd's blog there are 100 comments an hour on juniors there, thanks.

    Click here for previous TINKA update

  18. OK, we'll stick to information about TK. Seems the insiders are now dumping it.

    Mar 01/11 Feb 28/11 Carter, Andrew James Bowden Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -40,000 $0.410
    Mar 01/11 Feb 28/11 Lee, William Direct Ownership Common Shares 10 - Disposition in the public market -20,000 $0.410

  19. You just didnt say the word 'dump' with 40,000 and 20,000 shares did you?

    They are called warrants. And they expire.

    And you will have a short posting career on here using connotation like that here. There have been many like you, trust me.

    And the SP has moved up 10% since the 'dump' move along, go to stockhouse if you want to pump Slam. Not here. Thank you, I have handled this with respect.

  20. So we only write good things about stocks you like, -posting insider sales from two days ago is 'bashing?'-, dont discuss any other stocks we think have potential, or we have our wrists slapped? That doesnt sound like 'Stockhouse' it sounds like 'Kitco' or 'Agoracom'.

  21. Strannick. email me at if you want me to guest post a stock. The junior report has to be in depth. I cant have random people post up stocks here. I do not have time for 100 emails a day on stocks I have not researched. I hope you see my problem. I love free speech, but here may not be the place to spread junior info. Please understand.

  22. Damn good call on $.50. Damn good. (Tinka)

  23. Good work my man!! By the way, you have been officially added to my recommended reads on my own blog. Good work on the follow-up to my earlier update.

    The Fundamental View