Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SLV ishares SIlver Anomolies part 5-Guest Post, buy when Blythe isnt


  1. Blythe's hammer would account for the U.S. session losses, would it not?

  2. Interesting graph.
    I thought the LBMA were in on the scam but according to your graph they are not.
    So the LBMA are smelling of roses?

  3. Concerning the LBMA, the best data are for gold. There, the regular sell-off used to be during the last 30 minutes before the London pm fixing. This is after New York opens, and so it would contribute to a weakness of GLD during the day in the US - I guess this is roughly analogous to SLV.

    The gold data can be found in Dimiti Speck's book (the book is in German, but there are some excerpts on Financial Sense). For silver, it is more difficult because there is only one London fixing. For gold, there is a not so important am fixing and the widely published pm fixing, and the sell-off used to come right before the pm fixing. I think since 2008, the pattern has become less obvoius.


  4. I watch endless mountains vids almost daily. Great info

  5. Perfect chart ( 's ) to show the manipulation.
    Someone should tell the CFTC !!!
    They would do something wouldn't they??

    Right ----- Same BS continues until everything blows up.

  6. I'm the kind of person that has to see the numbers myself, so I downloaded the YHOO data on SLV and the math checks. Nice work.

    There is a similar instance with respect to London fixed gold. The initial results looked promising, but it is not as easy a system to implement as this one, but with a few modifications, I made it yield good fruit.