Monday, March 14, 2011

Offering Kid Dynamite a chance to explain why SLV is better than PSLV

Would like a thorough reasoning behind your SLV to PSLV dissertation.

I'll just wait till he shows up. Shouldn't be long.


  1. I think Tinka is going to double soon. May be even tomorrow.

    One of the top(may be I would say famous) newsletter picked this one for March month. Usually when it happens, the stock gets pumbed up immediately the next day.

    So expect it to gain atleast 50% soon.

  2. I think his reasoning has to do with this SEC filing regarding PSLV...

    seems to imply Sprott maybe selling his shares to cash in on the premium to NAV for PSLV.

    Makes little sense to buy PSLV for any large premium to NAV and s smart investor would take the premium and reinvest the proceeds into the physical...

    just a thought. I have no dog in this fight

  3. Alphabet soup (#1 poster) please state your source of the newsletter please asap b/c the nikkie is down 7% and Im starting to worry about a major market selloff now...get your insurance 'puts' in asap boys, its going to get bumpy

  4. SGS, (not sure if I violate any policies), anyways its called midas newsletter by James West.

  5. Kid "SLV-is-good-cause-JPM-said-so" Dynaamite...
    Come out to playyeeeaaa.

  6. RE: Tinka... Any idea what Brent Cook thinks of it?

    He has some excellent vids about the exploration process.

  7. i can't post because I am self-limiting until sgs writes me back

    best regards men

  8. Dear SilverBull, You seem to be the only blog that tells it as it happens. Good work.
    I have a question. Maybe a stupid one but here goes.
    I am a customer of BullionVault and continuously hear on the "press" that physical Silver and Gold have disconnected from the "paper" market. When ever I look at people on BullionVault buying and selling the price doesn't seem very much different from the "paper" market. If there is supposed to be nothing left at the Comex and LBMA why are people selling?

  9. Sorry I meant to address SilverGoldSilver not SilverBull. It was last nights wine I guess.

  10. George: I care not to look at bullion vault. No idea. I have my metal in my hands. I trade paper juniors for fiat profits.
    People arnt selling, its the 2 big commercial banks selling it. Unfortunately they have a bottomless pit of money.

  11. The reinsurance for Japan is a non-event, IMHO. The total exposure is manageable and will come in at less than $40B. The re-insurers are well capitalized, this is one of my stronger areas of knowledge, so I would not worry about them. They will get hurt, but not too bad a few bucks in share price so trade fast.

    Japan is in trouble and all this talk of this tragedy being a stimulus to their economy is nonsense. Japan has a 20 year history of building roads, bridges and buildings with government spending and it did spit for the economy. Rebuilding after this earthquake will do nothing for their economy, the evidence already exists. However, it will impact the global economy, the dollar and the US treasury market. Japan will have to sell dollars to pay for this rebuilding, bad news for the US, get short.

    Japan will buy domestically, not globally to rebuild, no macro play here and domestic demand will wane for nonessential products.

    Japan added 15T Yen to the banking system last night, perhaps inflationary for a change, who knows. I would play rough rice here as their crops were damaged and demand will be high as people stockpile.

    The US will get hit with a huge earthquake soon, California. We cannot have this type of activity without it hitting the NE side of the plate. No way to play it other than owning food, ammo, metals and other essential items. I am fairly sure we have an event in the US, we are way overdue. Unfortunately this means massive loss of life and huge losses for insurers when that happens. It will be a horrible event since most people believe the US is immune from bad things like tectonic plate activity, famine, storms, bad monetary policy and political corruption.

    Get right with God, pray for the victims, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We do live in interesting times and our leaders are playing fiddles as we all burn.

  12. Seems like tinka is 17% quoted more before the pre market!! Ask/bid both at 0.51! As I was telling, lets watch the fireworks once the premarket opens:).

  13. Huh? I thought my rational thoughts were no longer welcome here?

    I quote SGS:

    "**NOTE: If you think SLV is NOT a fraud, dont comment on my blog. I will delete it. Go somewhere else and make a blog about SLV being truthful, real, and a great silver investment like JPM says. Seriously, fuck off."

    SGS - I wrote two blog posts this week explaining at length the very question you just asked me - why I own SLV and not PSLV. They are free to read. In other words, I answered your question already. More than once. If you have specific questions, I'll be happy to address them.

  14. here are the posts, by the way:



    read them both before assaulting me with questions that I already answered

  15. Kid Dynamite,

    I’m fairly new at this game and I have read some of your blog. I have a question for you. Has there been a recent third party audit of the physical silver held by SLV? If so, have you seen it and can you share the report?

  16. CTJ - annual audits:

  17. kid, The link you posted was for an inventory count in Feb. 2010. Thats over a year ago. the first page states that another audit would be done in Dec. 2010. Do you have a link to that audit?

  18. JG - the Feb audit report is dated July - so I wouldn't expect the Dec audit report for a few more months - it takes a long time to count all of those bars of real physical silver.

  19. @kid dynamite... sure it does .. lmao

  20. ladies and gentlemen - I will entertain further questions in the comments section of either of the two posts I linked to above on my own blog.

    best of luck.

  21. Kid, maybe your could oversee the accounting of the silver iou's? Paper is not that heavy unless you are in the SLV and GLD vaults...


  22. another thinks he knows it all douche.. with all the crap the JP Morgue is pulling manipulating the silver market and this "kid" thinks that SLV is good when the Morgue is the custodian? the kid does not have 2 braincells to rub together.

  23. I think a closer examination of the subject's persona is in order:

    Quote 1:

    "Appendix 4: “Hey Kid Dynamite – you are a paid shill for Barclays/JP Morgan/Blackrock/Bernanke/ blah blah blah“

    No, I’m not, I’m a guy who lives in the woods of New Hampshire, makes maple syrup, pickles, and will be raising chickens this year. I don’t give two craps about Barc/JPM/Blackrock/The Fed, it’s the poor saps who are being misled with bad information that I am trying to help." [1]

    Quote 2:

    "Kid Dynamite spent 8 years as a trader at a major Wall Street investment bank. From June 1999 thru April 2005 he specialized in portfolio trading, and from May 2005 thru November 2007 he was the head trader for an internal hedge fund on the buy side of the same firm where he managed a multi-billion dollar merger arbitrage portfolio, and continued to implement portfolio trading related strategies as well." [2]

    One would be hard-pressed to believe that a single subject can make both claims and expect the public to believe they are not biased.

    Confirmation bias, it appears the subject has had some exposure to the theory but shows little to no understanding of it.

    Overall judgment: The subject appears to have mastered the technique of circular arguments. I see nothing more than mediocre "sales talk" in their claimed "explanation". The same gibberish I would expect to hear when they were selling the poisonous financial derivatives prior to the economic meltdown.






    I have a little theory that I've been kicking around for a couple of years. The theory is that there will come a time that you will not be able to buy silver at any price. It will not be because there is not any silver around to be purchased or that silver will not have any value. I think that we won't be able to buy silver at any price because there will be a very sudden and a very dramatic shift in the perception of silver's value. A time will come when the value of silver is so strong and the value of the dollar so weak, that only a fool would ever trade silver for the dollar.


    Kid....come on, put on your thinking cap for a momment. Everyone on the planet besides a few US GOVT officials realize Steve Liesman is full of SH*T. Everyone on CNBC giggles at Liesman behind the scenes, wondering how the hell anyone takes the guy seriously. are the STEVE LIESMAN of the PRECIOUS METALS MARKET.

    You supply your posts with the same kind of NONSENSE that Liesman does. The whole system is corrupt from top to bottom and you try to rationalize JP MORGAN and GOLDMAN SACHS.....the left and right hand of the FEDERAL RESERVE.

    Hell, even the Japanese and foreign Corporate and Military personnel are leaving Toyko because they realize the JAPANESE GOVT has been putting out BULLSH*T about the Nuclear Reactors.

    One will realize you have been a STOOGE. I would watch my back though. You and the likes of Steve Liesman may have angry investors looking you up when the SH*T HITS THE FAN.

  26. SLV: A bogus audit for a bogus ETF.
    Echoes of Arthur Anderson...

    Wednesday, November 10, 2010
    I (not me)have noticed that iShare recently hired an independent auditor to inspect the silver bars in their vault, and issue audit certificates such as this most recent one. I urge you to follow the link to immediately download a copy of the inspection certificate and save it on your computer, lest it disappear soon! The auditor, Inspectorate International Limited, is a very reputable commodity inspector for 150 years in the business. Very good! I welcome iShare's move to hire a reputable auditor to look at their silver bars and disclose it to the public. If you trust Inspectorate, and they visited iShare vaults and come back to tell us they see all the silver bars stored in the vaults, then it should put all skeptism at rest and people should feel safe to invest in SLV shares, right?

    Not so fast! Not so dandy fast and easy, I say folks! Look at this Audit Certificate once again. It's only two pages. Print it out, friend. But Inspectorate is a big company and it just so happens that the same Mr. Paul Alston, a nice and respectable English gentlemen, was also hired to do audit for, and issued audit reports like this, this, this, this and most recently this.

    Do you see anything unusual, folks, when you compare the two pages SLV audit report and the 14+ pages GoldMoney audit reports, alleged done by the same Mr. Paul Alston?

    1. SLV has a two page lousy report that says almost nothing, while GoldMoney has much more elaborate reports detailing every aspect of the inspection process, including such seemingly unimportant information like the brand of the sale used for weighing, even though SLV has way much more silver to be inspected.

    2.Inspectorate issued a paper audit certificate to GoldMoney and they have to use an awkward optical scanner to scan the image of the paper certificate and post on the web. More awkwardly, the brits use a paper size narrower than standard American letter size, thus the scanning exposes the ugly paper edge, telling the size of the margin to the edge of the paper. Wouldn't it be nice to do like what iShare did, create a nice and clean electronic PDF document, leaving no trace of the paper, and just digitally embed the Inspectorate logo, and an image of Mr. Paul Alston's signature? Except that anybody with a computer can do it. It's not hard to find a sample image of Mr. Paul Alston's signature off the web, right? (Don't try it at home, kids!)

    3.Unfortunately Bank of New York Mellon is in America and speaks a different kind of English than the one spoken by Mr. Paul Alston, a nice British gentleman. And the vaults are supposed to be in England. They forgot such unimportant details and let a lousy American created that Inspectorate Report. Congradulations on getting the paper size to be the correct A4 size, but they need to work on small details, for example Inspectorate would not begin the sentence with "The Bank of New York" as the sentence subject and would not use the ® mark when referring to third party names, and the British would refer a date as 7th of July, 2010, not in the lousy American style July 7, 2010. I encourage them to really spend some time studying how Inspectorate issue their audit certificates. They should have done that before they post it.

    I will stop here and let people draw their own conclusions. But I do NOT for a single bit believe that Mr. Paul Alston himself personally counted and inspected 308,542 pieces of silver bars, and sampled and measured each one bar out of each pallet of 30 bars all by himself and his gangs, and issued that SLV audit certificate and signed his name on it. Not a bit at all.

  27. All the news is out on PSLV, if the premium were to dry up it would have happened by now. Premium at the close was 15.22%
    This chart shows the lack of Trust in SLV

  28. somebody is full of shit.. and its not the regulars around here.

  29. "Kid the Feb audit report is dated July - so I wouldn't expect the Dec audit report for a few more months - it takes a long time to count all of those bars of real physical silver. "

    Just to let you know I have had a conversation with the auditor.

    you should also peruse this pdf, it might help in your arguments. Its really old, im sure youve seen it.

  30. SGS - what did the auditor say? Did they admit that their entire audit was fraudulent, and that you'd caught them?

    here's the reply to your ZH link, by the way:

  31. Kid....give up you're a shill and we all know suck back under your rock and tell your masters watta good shmuck you are....