Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is JP manufacturing COMEX numbers so we sell?


-MAJOR ANOMALY found in front options delivery month of March. Rise of 56 contracts to 561 contracts without any deliveries is insane, maybe a typo on their reports.
-OI decreases in March with only 5 deliveries. LOL. Go Master go!
-OI ALSO decreased for May. I don't like this. BE AWARE OF THIS. If this shows a sustained trend this week, I would suspect a major raid coming soon. Lets see if its all bullshit posted from the comex, which JPM owns.
-Major withdrawal of 779,539 oz

SLV= adds 3.7 million oz in 24 hrs. Not sure about you, but that's a ton of 1000 oz skids to move, and where did they get it by golly gee whiz.

Numbers arnt making much sense tonight. This weekend, we shall see if we leg up to $40, or get crushed to $33. kinda banking on the "Day of Rage' thingy...lets see what happens. SLV has stayed above $35 now, I'm not sure people are selling their calls yet. I'm not till $50 or higher, or till Jan 21 2012, expiry day. Watch the $US overnight...

QUICK NEWS: Kuwait and Saudi's getting prepared...

Note: Sorry for the lackluster reports today, my time is limited.


  1. Bank of India says it might start selling silver bars. I can remember when the IMF used to trot out its yearly sell-threat to hit the gold price. I guess when every other central bank has long ago sold its silver, they have to go further afield to find a bogeyman to hijack the silver price

  2. There will definitely be a raid on Friday with both barrels and a bazooka, to forestall the obvious hike if the "day of rage" gets any traction whatsoever.

  3. Seems like a brief pullback here would be quite healthy imo and id relish the opportunity to buy in lower, because i still believe this ride will overshoot 40 before we start consolidating again. Haha sorry newsunit to see you fet called out in the headline. Btw SGS i caught myself calling someone a fucktron today!

  4. I'd say Bank of India selling silver bars is good news. If they start doing it, that means demand is so strong they thought the operation worth it. The story which you failed to link doesn't say anything about them having a huge stash to dump on the market.


  5. Mr. SGS: Got the message on 5 posts. I will comply!

    No problem on the 5 posts. Probably a good idea to keep the space down here. I appreciate the way you run things here and I hope others can live with that too. Some people don't like it when people tell them what to do but this is your blog. Love the way you keep a handle on some of the past riffraff from getting out of hand.

    So anyway about GOLD and SILVER: Something fishy here but we'll see if it holds above $36 of course. Very unusual chart patterns comparing crude oil, the US Dollar, and gold and silver.

    Personally I want a breakout above $40 this week but we don't always get what we want.

    Take care.

  6. This is why I told you to get out of paper and into those 6,000 coin shops!


  7. SGS...

    so would the day of rage cause a spike that could cause 40 or close to it for silver? I'd like to see your lower number come true to I can get in again on a sweet BTFD opportunity.

  8. I'ver been lurking for a while but this is my first post.

    I have an observation and a related question. I have been watching the trading history for several of the mining stocks on the TSX, and I've noticed something that I find strange. I've noticed that often one of the big Canadian banks is both the buyer and the seller on a trade. For example, CIBC will sell CIBC some stock...always at less than market. Can someone please explain this seemingly bizarre transaction to me?

    I found it pretty interesting to hear John Embry in his latest KWN interview telling people not to pay attention to the dollar valuations of their physical holdings; rather, they should only be concerned with the number of ounces they have. Thanks to the filthy-mouthed bears, I knew that months ago.

    Thanks for a great site SGS!

    P.S., expect all sorts of newbie questions from me.....

  9. Does my 5 posts start at midnight? :-)

    Hey David: I'm not on meds and I'm not nor on meth. I'm a stock-trader. It comes with the territory. :-)

    And for the number 5---I don't subscribe to numerology.

    One last question: What do you look like Mr. SGS? Do you look like that bear in the video? I know you don't sound like him. :-)

  10. I'm not playing any games with these Banksters, but the Physical one.. Toooo many kids, and not enough dough.. I'm just a little guy, and when the dollar goes bust, don't you think that Obama will sign those papers on his desk to Nationalize American Mines ! And so will every other country in the world to protect their Countries best interests ! So where do you think that will leave all those shares on mines ? A big Fat ZERO ! Your Dealing with EVIL PEOPLE that are Laughing at those that try to OUT SMART THEM ! Don't TRUST anything you can't HOLD !

    Waiting until Silver hits fifty ! Hmmmm The dollar will be worth about Half by then, and what will the price of Physical be by then, if you can Find It !

  11. New Day New Posts:

    I'm up late watching the usual show here and checking my favorite blog. Three things I don't like right now:
    1) The US dollar is going up. And in reality it's not. We all know this!
    2) Oil is going down. And in reality that's not either. They don't drop the price at the pumps that fast. We should have spot prices at the pumps that change constantly and we lock in a price to fill up. That would be fair.
    3) Silver is not above $36---or just make that $40 where it should be minimum by now.

    So that about covers where we are at and where we think we should be going.
    I'm sure the day will be packed with brilliant news and new ideas.

    I don't know if Mr. SGS can answer this but here is my question:

    When are they going to lift the SLV restriction above $36?

    Look at that US filthy dollar! It just keeps going up now! Don't worry, I'm counting ounces now not dollars anymore.

    Good morning. :-)

  12. I am kind of a newbie at this, but, it seems to me that the Comex would of necessity have to go to a new level of fraud and deception in under-reporting both OI and physical silver inventories to prevent the scenario of one resolute stander from thinking they could force default. Threats of being an
    "un-secured creditor" would mean nothing to this stander if that stander also had a large long position in leveraged silver investements (like junior miners, call options, etc.) that would experience a meterioric rise from the default on the Comex that would render any loss on contract delivery insignificant in comparison.

  13. When the sheeple say the economy is getting better read this then get back to us.


  14. Is JP manufacturing COMEX numbers so we sell?

    the fiat currencies are a lie the result of honest monetary systems gone bad.
    They owe their continued existance to a bid from Gold & Silver. Also from Fiat to Gold and Silver. One is the bid an the other is the ask.
    Fiat is the Bid
    Gold & Silver is the Ask.
    The system lies about every agregate ie CPI, M3, employment etc. So asking whether it lies & about its mechanizam for existance is retorical question really.