Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm not good at math, someone help me out please

I failed math (sarcasm added). I need to convert 55,600,000,000,000 YEN into $US . Because thats how much fiat just got dumped in the last 3 days. HI HO SILVER!

GET A REALLY BIG SPOON, we are about to eat some inflation soup. Oh, I forgot to mention, Enlgands inflation is higher than Zimbabwe's now.


  1. So what? They'll want Gold & Silver for protection even more than we. They'll want yours, and pay what it takes. It's the one true worldwide money after all.

  2. 55,600,000,000,000 Yen? That's the total amount of money rumored to be injected by the BOJ in order to keep the Nikkei going for a whopping 4 days. According to PTI the BOJ has offered to add an additional ¥13.8 trillion today, to go with the tens of trillions already noted previously on Zero Hedge. If proven true, this would bring the total taxpayer backstop injected in just 4 days to $700 billion dollars! Shamelessly stolen from ZeroHedge.

  3. 700 billion in a country about...40% our size in population and GDP terms.

    So in US scale a mere 1.5 trillion or so. And the market still fell 15%.

  4. divide by 80, er 79, no 78, no 77, 76..fuck it just pick a number