Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Houston, the GOLD Comex has a problem....

Crimex/COMEX News:


-Volume under 200K, let alone 150K is great for us...looks like JP et al. have stopped adding to the paper last 2 days, maybe b/c they are afraid to get run over
-small 3000 oz deposit, that may be linked to a GLD paper deposit


-May OI rise from 75,855 to 77,100
-March OI drops, WITHOUT deliveries...hummmm
-There are 6 trading days left to serve upon 3,780,000 oz
-630,000 oz everyday needed, I'm not sure the Comex will be able to do this

GLD and SLV remained identical. How the FUCK does 19 million ounces of physical gold go in and out no more than 36 hrs ago, and now in BOTH funds there is NOTHING today? Give me a fucking break. CFTC you deserve to be drown in a pool of your own piss and shit, while the world watches live on Zerohedge. Fuck you.

Sprotts premium PSLV hit 23% and then got SMOKED down to 19%. I'm sure Blythe had something to do with that.

Okay...good day in terms of fiat. Dont think she will go away. Options expiry this monday, but the Middle East Israeli terror attacks will keep pushing PM's higher as long as they keep bombing innocent, starving Palestinians in the name of 'protecting themselves.' Congrats to those who listened to me and bought the fuckin dip. You are now 'wealthier.' You know how to thank me.

As of yesterdays commentary, I'm suspecting that GLD is starting to wash their paper and physical together. My immediate inclinations are that the are running out of physical. Hence JPM's desperate attempt yesterday to get a vault, and of course approved by the CTFC, whom I think will eventually all step down soon: the Gold Comex is in trouble.

I expect some weakness tonight, after such a stellar run, and most likely a margin hike tomorrow. Get some sleep, she's now just getting over her hangover, and will be up to 98% soon, and ready to get back on track to the short button.

QUICK NEWS: Brought to you by Mr Donation, or you know how by now ;)

All eyes on Israel. Thats it. That all you need to know. Keep eyes on this tyrannical terrorist state. End game nearing, thank you Benjamin for my wealth effect today.

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  1. looks like JP et al. have stopped adding to the paper last 2 days, maybe b/c they are afraid to get run over

    Here's what I'm afraid of: by getting their own vault, they 've bought themselves a few years of naked shorting with impunity, and are letting the price climb a bit till all that vault business is settled and they can start crapping on the spot price again. Blythe was strangely absent today as silver buzz-sawed 36 then 37.

    Is this possible, SGS?

  2. How long will miners continue to accept the paper price for their metal?
    Anybody here give that any thought ?

  3. As long as CNBC tells them fiat is good and gold is a bubble....

  4. my thoughts on big bites (blythe) absence today

    hypothesis 1-
    price goes up and speculators will follow the shorting pattern in a larger number (doing the work for her)

    hyp 2-
    let more people get 30-75 leverage UAG forex ect contracts then
    -BIG BITE SHORT + HYPOTHESIS 1 = both a and b:

    a wipe out less calibrated high leverage silver investors in one swipe ... big swing down then up fast (my guess standing pat at 35.5-37.0) until monday expiry then another BIG BLYTHE BITE

    a1 wipe out leveraged uncalibrated investors right before expiry monday
    so one big slump or two in this context

    b less confidence to long up silver next time as

  5. b correction:

    instead of less confidence ..

    { more caution }

  6. Ned: As long as the middle east, and Ben are around, and portugal and greece and US state bankruptcies and and and and, I'm not sure they can do anything to keep this down. They need to just cover. I'll say it. Start covering Blythe. and stop shorting. Simple enough.

  7. I think they are smarter than that. Just as more and more informed people are accepting no paper for metal, I would expect some sort of work-around the exchange. The paper market is being pressured by buyers(end users)....why not suppliers of the commodities?

  8. i do not believe "they" are as centralized as a whole..

    this explains their many incompetent blunders

    if "they" were centralized with perfect uniform plans accepted by all members unanimously .. we would not be literally speaking mentally capable of becoming "informed people" growing in size ..

    their greed will be their undoing

  9. Sir. SGS,

    "They need to just cover. I'll say it. Start covering Blythe. and stop shorting. Simple enough."

    how long until we cannot short silver at predictable highs and buy highs with fiat...

    UDX was said to be rapid decline when it hits 75, what is working against that

    your best estimates in time left for these i need to add to and cross reference with others for my own to emerge
    any relevant hypothesis or theory on this would be greatly appreciated

    i will not hold you to them