Friday, March 25, 2011

Silver Bears 5 - The Saga Continues in the Silver Story


  1. Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy it! Monday should be a fuckshow know how to thank me ;)

  2. Thanks for the video, wasn't expecting it so soon and had trouble sleeping last night after you said it would be out today. Fundamentals are still strong, true dat. Clicky some addy's for you now.

  3. cheers SGS that was cool nice way to round off the week.

  4. oh yes SGS do you want me to sort your blog out? it needs widening centering and the banner needs reducing. I'm a pro at this and can tinker with the code to get it just right. just leave a comment on my blog if you do

  5. Lets recap:
    Is My Little Blyght Fucked? Yes
    Does My Blyght's tummy growl every time the Brown Bear farts? Yes
    Does My Little Homewrecker have a secret crush on SGS? Yes
    Did she get excited when he sexted her the other day? Yes
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    Did she recently start "The Change"? Yes
    Is she having her 1st hot flash of the day? No
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    Is she at the Doctor having a wart removed? Yes
    Is she gonna eat it? Yes
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    Will she ever change her evil ways? Never

  6. Dear SGS,
    I assume the CFTC announcement will come out *after* Monday's close so Blythe can bang the price a little more and contain her losses before option expiration.
    If so, 1:30 Monday looks like a great entry point...

  7. Very enjoyable, thanks !

    Who knows, it's possible paper payoffs may keep things going much longer than anybody would expect. The only thing that may work around that would be industrial going directly to refineries because they need to metal.

  8. Whats so special about Monday? A big battle? wtf does that supposed to mean?

  9. "The only thing that may work around that would be industrial going directly to refineries because they need to metal."
    I believe this is already begun in some form. Here is another interesting thought....At what point will the miners refuse to unearth the metal, only to receive worthless pieces of paper in return?
    "We" are already there for the most part....we still use the paper, yet convert as much as possible into "real" money. In my opinion no fiat will survive from this current system without the backing of G&S.

  10. Is the CFTC going to apply position limits to the shorts?
    Is the end of the EE beat-downs upon us?

  11. If you believe position limits will hinder JPM's machinations, think again. The're more ways around this than naked shorts at NYSE.

  12. SGS, thanks mate. I am up 264K on your silver tip from the first Beers video........long live SGS and the bears!

  13. What's up with Monday? CFTC won't announce jack shit. What am I missing???
    Come on dude, you need to give some more details.

  14. "fuckshow" What does that even mean? o_O Being a little less vague wouldn't hurt. :)

  15. Shores; 264K! Share the wealth! You know where the donate button is! SGS keep up the good work!!

  16. SGS--thoughts?? guess he really doesnt like silver up here..

  17. SGS, if at all possible, could you please be more specific about what might go on Monday -- that nugget was the only "inside info" in your whole video, and unlike your others, it's totally not tradeable advice ...

    @unknown known -- dude seriously ignore that dickbreath moriarty, along with any homo who still uses the word tinfoil hat to refer to people skeptical of mnipulation, who says th emanipulation in the gold/silver markets is not of a different order that of other markets (two things this asshole moriarty says in his link to how he so wisely called the top to gold in dec 2009 -- big fuckin deal, 3 months later it was back to highs) he should be tarred with shit, feathered, and hung from a tree.

  18. Pretty funny I imagine Ben Dover Bernanke enjoyed it as well

  19. @unthought-

    he's probably one of those knobs that sold for profit at $15

  20. he actually owns site so he must like gold.. just dont know why the hate for silver..yes, it has gone up a lot but it has been manipulated lower for YEARS...

  21. Friday, March 25, 2011
    The Comex Goes “Extend And Pretend” On JP Morgan’s Paper Silver Short

    “Our fund, however, stood for delivery of 3 contracts this month. We were given notice on one of them right after first notice day and that silver was made available by HSBC to be picked up by our carrier and delivered to our private depository within the appropriate timeframe. HSBC, however, changed the rules on the other 2 contracts. We were notified that the silver for the other two contracts was being delivered last week. Why they waited 3 weeks to notifiy us on the other two is open for conjecture. HOWEVER, this time HSBC informed my partner that in order for us to send a carrier to pick up the bars he had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and send a copy of his driver’s license and that it would take HSBC five days to process everything. Today being the 5th day, we called for a status update. They informed him that he had to send them a copy of his passport because his driver’s license had expired. I’m not sure how long it would have been before they notified us of that fact if we had not called.”

  22. Yes, what exactly is supposed to happen Monday? Are we looking at a final smackdown by Blythe and a buying opportunity before she explodes?????

  23. SGS, we love you, but you need to speak less in code,jive talk and sacarsm and include a little more explanation when you make comments.. thanks to a different site that said this

    "Comex had only been able to settle a measly 85 contracts yesterday. They still have 632 left to serve today and Monday. That's 3,160,000 ounces of silver!!!"

    I am thinking this is what you are referring to in regards to monday.

  24. Every options expiry in silver is always brutal, I look for it to get crushed Monday, then go up until the end of May. I love the expression I read today, "Stick to the plan" (STTP), or mine STTFP.

    Go Tinka you little bitch!

  25. Oh check this out for a good explanation for monday it looks like we can expect a huge down day in silver.

  26. I live in South Korea and I was thinking of investing 250k USD in physical silver. The silver market in Korea is miniscule compared to the gold market. It is difficult to buy silver bars here unless you are willing to pay a huge premium in addition to a 10% VAT Tax. My other option is that I can buy Silver Shots without paying such a huge premium and also avoid paying the VAT Tax. However, I've been reading on the internet that buying silver shots for investment purposes would not be a good idea. Bear in mind that I would buy from a reputable dealer...but would appreciate any info on buying silver shots as an investment.


  27. I think the clue is in the last line, "If silver goes back down to $20 we can just blame the weather." Can you say, h a a r p ?

  28. Clue #2: SGS comment on Gensler post: "Are you ruling out the possibility of him just getting the fuck outa dodge?"

  29. He talks in vague code so if anything remotely unusual happens, he can say thats what he was talking about.I think monday will be as 'epic' as his next 48 hours was 'epic'.
    How full of shit SGS can get before he explodes is the only question on my mind.
    I dont think anything epic will happen on monday.
    Lets see who s right shall we......

  30. The one thing that makes me a buyer of silver regardless of swings in price is this one thought.
    Who owns MOST of the Gold in the world?...and just how much Silver do they own?
    Pretty simple thought process from there.

  31. Zeus,
    If you think hes so full of shit why do you bother reading his "shit" ?

  32. @MUFC
    I like watching the sheperd with his sheep.its amusing.A bit like 'one man and his dog', an english tv
    @ dennis.
    You ve got it the wrong way round mate.Because the richest and most powerfull people in the world own gold and not silver, is why gold will soar and silver wont do as well.It will go up a lot but so will bread .Gold is where it will end.Silver will soar(maybe), then get crushed when gold is revalued 50 fold upwards.

  33. @SGS congrats on the video. It strikes a good balance between spoon-feeding and encouraging the masses to start looking into the financial instruments.

    @all The increase in the price of silver is not affecting the crooked financial instruments only. Silver is used big time (by a lot more industries than you think).

    We will be facing a new breed of online agents, upgrades (to use Matrix terminology). Please do not take anyone's advice at face value.

    *Do your own due diligence.*

    "Financial engineering" is not difficult. Knowing a little will take you a long way. You will be able to see through a lot of the speculation very quickly.

    You have to let go of fear/uncertainty. If all else fails, just follow your gut. Do not let materialism affect your instincts.

  34. "Silver will soar(maybe), then get crushed when gold is revalued 50 fold upwards."

    You are an idiot. Please point to a time the last 5000 years this has happened to support your stupid, illogical, verbal diarrhea....

    its actually so ridiculous I'm contemplating deleting it. More trolling will get you deleted. This is a Gold and Silver BUG blog, not bash site. Warning given.

    Oh and the next time you can call a margin hike let me know, here my email when you get it :

  35. Great post zeuspanker, you fucking potato head.
    Go jerk yourself off on the Netflix Yahoo boards and leave the shiny to the folks that know better...


  36. maybe gold will be officially revalued, central bankers 'save the day' and retain control. but maybe not. the future is as uncertain as ever, best to own plenty of both methinks ;]

  37. @all...I think I'm going to shit my pants! But not before I watch parts 1-4...then I'll shit myself! Fun.

    All kidding aside. Looking forward to seeing what happens on Monday.

  38. Since JP morgan is a custodian for SLV, who is going to stop them from pulling out the real silver inside SLV (while replacing the real stuff with junk) and fulfill the deliveries next week? This game can go on until SLV gets audited or it runs out of real silver.

  39. well....what-a-fucking day!

    it certainly is refreshing to come here to this blog, when there is SO MUCH bullshit everywhere else. Trolls here: write sgs at EATADICK addy ok?

    SGS: don't let them push ur bottoms so quick, eh?
    Just give them enough rope & deep-six 'em outta here.NO reaction, nothing.Just gone.Bang!

    Hope everyone got LONG on the dip friday! I suspect strongly something will happen over the week end now to push metals up and/or US$ into the abyss where it belongs....THAT is my observation, and I'm stickin' to it! ;-)

    [HEAVY long positionings in silver right before the close peeps]

    I observed some long positioning in an etf that is a short $US on THURS. Massive volume jump in one particular strike/month...massive....unless and quoting services also lie like jpm, gs, bac,etc....

    i tip my sombrero to SGS, as i trot my trusty steed SILVER off into the sunrise....

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  45. God, I can not even tell you how much I want Monday to be in our favor.
    I have been watching silver since it was 6.00 and I was in the Navy telling everyone I knew to buy silver! Noone did of course and I could only buy some because I made crap in the Navy ha ha.
    Now I have around 300 ounces... been buying most at 17-25 but I just keep doubting myself... But now in the last 2 months I am sure that the world is going to go to hell, its just a matter of time. I have gotten 5 other people to buy silver as well... Of course I tell them just for an investment sake.. but really its becaue I want them to be able to EAT when the shit hits the fan! Thanks for keeping it honest gents... I got everything rideing on this.
    USN Combat Medic.

  46. Blyght's mom: too funny! SGS: great bears video!
    I'm only 1/5 invested right now 4/5 cash. The Fed idiots have all come out in unison the past couple of days and said we don't need QE3 everything is going well. I'm probably early but if they quit buying bonds and MBS the stock market WILL tank. And our beloved silver will get sucked right down with it. When it gets sucked down far enough (when I hear the fed coming to our rescue with QE3) I'll commit my dry powder.

  47. Breaking News! JPM and HSBC are further exposed of "...substantial illegal profits between June 2008 and March 2010...".

    I have been behind the scenes a little bit myself with some of my own contacts just watching this entire silver saga and I think you haven't even seen the beginning of this yet.

    Anyone that doesn't own at least some silver is going to wish they did.

    Check the story here: The News UNIT

    I'm holding to my $65 spot silver price by summertime and probably higher. If we get some sort of dip here in early April it will be the last one.

    Good luck! It's getting difficult to obtain delivery more and more. Has anyone other than me noticed that? I'm talking RCM bars, J&M bars, American Eagles, and Canadian Maples,....the usual stuff.

  48. It would be nice to have a list of the big players on both sides of the Silver market, besides the obvious. Who is long and who is short?

    Wars are fought from two sides, once you know your opponent you can better understand their strategy and plan accordingly.

    Thanks for the heads up on Tinka Resources

  49. HSBC/JPM silver suppression story on the Forbes site posted yesterday - go to and search for "hsbc jp morgan" - more clicks boosts popularity.

  50. The one dated November 10th, 2010?

  51. From

    "GOLD/SILVER RATIO touched more new lows this week. Closed today at 38.486. Shhhh -- Listen. Come close and I'll tell y'all something you won't hear anywhere else, but don't tell anybody. At 38.486 the ratio stands below its 10 year, below its 20 year, below its 30 year, below its 50 year, below its 60 year, and below its 110 year average. In fact, it's nearer the 220 year average than the 110 year. Put that into perspective: the 10 year average is 60.53, 22 points higher.

    Friends, the big run has begun."

  52. How long is it going to take to start a new thread here? I know SGS likes his bears :-). I predict we will go to 65 posts here first. Unless SilverBull starts getting his posts "shorted" then it might test support around 47 comments.

  53. newsunit u r such a genius. so impressive.

  54. alright, understanding that options expire this monday i'm a newbie with some of this stuff. If someone could maybe explain what the prediction is for monday and why we might see it i'd throughly appreciate it. I've only recently been able to start buying silver with my limited student income and I'd like to continue to do so, just trying to figure out when/how.