Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What the Saudi Arabia- "day Of Rage" March 11 means for silver and gold, oh and oil too?!

DUBAI, Feb 23 (Reuters) - Hundreds of people have backed a Facebook campaign calling for a "day of rage" across Saudi Arabia next month to demand an elected ruler, greater freedom for women and release of political prisoners.

The page called for a "revolution of yearning" on March 11 in the kingdom, the world's biggest oil exporter and which is ruled by an absolute monarchy.

More than 460 people had endorsed the page by Wednesday morning, but it was impossible to verify how many of them were inside Saudi Arabia or whether any protest would materialize.

Well, seems as though this is inevitable, and Oil, along with Gold and silver should do well (add understatement). I wrote about this a few days ago, and what this means for Israel. I wish the ME luck, we haven't seen anything yet. The legend grows...

Check back later for full metals report, you know how to thank me.

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  1. Here comes another crack at 34.00 on the chart. Oil wants to break 100.00 also. I'm fixed and steadfast straight ahead and expecting gold to build above $1650 and silver above $35 and then the "money metals" are going to gain some very prominent front page attention for sure. People are just starting to get interested in this. EBAY sales are flying at $800 per roll American Silver Eagles now. People will have no problem paying $1000 per roll for those Eagles once they start to see what's going on. Very interesting times indeed!