Sunday, February 20, 2011

SLV Calls/Puts Friday Action, BULLISH for silver

Here is some of the future months SLV options trading. Note the heavy buy side (calls) volume and OI as opposed to the Put side for the Spring. From options trading, it seems $35 is not too far off. One step at a time folks, eventually the $50 calls will be 'off the chart' as the all time Hunt Brothers high approaches. More too come later, you know how to thank me.


  1. When does paper silver go lower whether its SLV or COMEX Futs? I'm accumulating as much physical as I can but it's nice to speculate with leveraged paper in the short term :)

  2. Can you comment on using AGQ for trading silver?

    I'm concerned about a split because the price has gotten so high.

    Thanks for all you do !! I really enjoy the silver bears :)

  3. I dont trade AGQ for paper, I use the miners for that. No idea if it splits, I hope it would $170/share is too much for the average joe.

    Anon: "When does paper silver go lower whether its SLV or COMEX Futs?"

    Please re explain, no idea what this is asking, sorry LOL

  4. We all love the silver bears, they taught me a thing or two (and i'm passing it on)

  5. The "all time Hunt Brothers high" would actually be well over $100 dollars due to currency debasement. So silver has tons of room to the upside before reaching real all time highs.


    Bix Weir just gave an interesting 3 PART interview with SGTbull07 on a youtube video format. I recommend everyone to listen as it brings up a theory I have not considered.

    Bix Weir believes Greenspan is really one of the good guys who has always believed in a GOLD STANDARD but has gone about it in a COVERT WAY. We have to remember what happened to JFK when he wanted to back money with silver.

    Weir goes on to say that GREENSPAN and now BERNANKE have worked covertly to crash the great FIAT MONETARY SYSTEM of the ROTHSCHILDS & ROCKEFELLERS. He states, this is why Bernanke has created so much FIAT to bring the system down defaulting us back to a GOLD-SILVER standard. Anytime a FIAT MONEY fails, it always defaults back to gold....hence the US Continentals during the Revolutionary War and the Greenbacks during the Civil War.

    Sounds a little out there, but when you figure GREENSPAN has been a gold bug from the beginning and recently says we should go back to a GOLD does make some sense. Greenspan took over rule of the FED from Arthur Burns who also wanted to be back on a gold standard.

    The so called GOOD GUYS in the fiat system wanted it to crash back in 2008, but the Bad elements working through Hank Paulson et al, wanted a bailout to keep the system going a few years longer to loot it more.

    The only disagreement I have with Weir is his stance on OIL and NATURAL RESOURCES. He states in the USA, there are huge gold mines that have been discoverved but kept well as oil fields.

    Unfortunately, this does not hold much weight in my opinion due to the fact the world has been declining in GOLD ORE GRADES across the board in all countries. Here is a link to my article again for those who have not read it :


    In the article it shows the declining GOLD ORE GRADES in 5 countries. The easy to get to gold is gone. Now its down to mining GOLD DUST...basically.

    As for all this hidden OIL in the USA, there is still a good bit left....unfortunately it is very expensive to drill and produce. Why on earth would the BIG 3 OIL companies go offshore, deal with salt water erosion, hurricane force winds, expensive high tech drilling if there was all this oil on land in the USA??? The answer....the same reason the SAUDIS are now drilling offshore....they don't have much left onland.

    Anyhow....I think there is a good chance that the FIAT SYSTEM will collapse in APRIL-MAY...but when it does so will the SUPPLY CHAIN SYSTEM. Skyrocketing prices of everything and shortages will prevail. Time to get ready before hand.

  7. wow silver lease rates are surging again

  8. Flaunt: Ya I want to keep it simple, I mean shit, in adjusted inflationary terms we be should sitting somewhere around $3-400/ I guess a $50 short term 'Nominal' target sounds too

  9. SRS: Bernanke and Greenspan on our side? NO fucking way. And by no means do they want anything to do, and they NEVER had anything to do with a gold standard. They are saying this SHIT now to save face, and for blind Americans to give them a 'get out of jail free' card when this all goes to SHIT. I dont believe a fucking word of it, sorry. Absolu-fucking-lutly NOT.

    The Fed losing right to print on a Gold standard goes against the entire ponzi. It the reason they scammed and schemed to get off the standard in the first place. Fuck that.

  10. SGS...your point is duly noted. By the way...did you even listen to the video? It makes sense that it is a possibility.

    I have left the city and now live in a small ranching community with my wife. Sold the business back in 2006 and left Atlanta, GA. We have established our small farm-ranchette and are ready for what collapse comes.

    Anyhow....I have been following GATA, TED BUTLER, ERIC SPROTT, ERIC KING, JAMES TURK, JIM SINCLAIR forever.....I am on yourside.


  11. Bakken Shale (North Dakota, Montana, Canada) has huge oil reserves in the trillions of barrels. It's just not pool oil that can be siphoned out like in Saudi Arabia. Recoverable oil is estimated at millions of barrels in 1990's, now 24 billion is latest estimate....enough to cancel imports for 5-6 years. But this tiny recoverable percentage, is limited only by technology. Horizontal drilling and oil fracking techniques are still being improved. New tech will set us free from imports. Count on it.

    Greenspan being a good guy would explain his pre-Chairmanship and post-Chairmanship behavior per the Gold standard. I hope he is.

    Bernanke? Wow. Doesn't seem possible.

  12. Jack....yes the Bakken Field will increase production, but again...its EXPENSIVE OIL to recover. LOW EROI....of about 7-10 to 1. Back in 1930's the USA had an EROI of OIL at 100 to 1.

    = Energy Returned on Invested

    Now for those who think ARTIC OIL is the next HAIL MARY to save us....think an EROI of about 2-3 to 1. Don't forget that's a WELLHEAD. If we consider transport, refinery and etc it almost becomes 1-1 or a ZERO SUM GAME.

    Canadian Tar Sands is about 5-8 to 1. Big difference then the SPINDLETOP of TEXAS at about 100 to 1 back in the early 1900's.

    Charles Hall who is one of the top minds researching the EROI in energy states that companies need at least a 5-6 to one to make a PROFIT....below that....well then its just SOCIALISM my friends.

  13. SRS - I listened to it too. don't make a whole lot of sense to mean. Spend 30 years crashing to monetary system to get back on the gold standard... rightt. I think the central bankers got involved in the politics of our country like everybody else and are now recanting their sins. I don't think we'll ever know the entire truth. Just wait until the system resets and go from there.

  14. Bix Weir video - interesting thought... any other thoughts on this?

  15. SRS - interesting ideea, I've been thinking the same a few times

    Not only about Ben or Greenspan, but about Obama or Putin and others.

    I believe we have all learned a few things from Kennedy's assassination... ;)