Saturday, February 5, 2011

SLV and GLD starting to feel the heat, silver and gold look extrememly bullish

Good afternoon...I have some good news. I just saved 15% by switching to GEICO..LOL, sorry, it just hit me, so I had to write it down.

Gold Complex:

-OI rose, and speculators are starting to pile in, again.
-Gold outstanding deliveries this month increased to 1, 085,000 oz or equivalent to 33.75 tonnes.
-no withdrawals
-COT report most BULLISH for Gold in 2 years, yup, thats not a typo: The new year raid that sent CNBC into a "golds done, sell it, the bubble burst frenzy' had our best friends at the JP morgue and HSBC covering a HUGE 26,285 contracts. This is fabulous news for gold longs, as it appears that the raid is done (wait till you see the silver cot report heheh)
-GLD is starting to put out fires as well, they are moving tonnage around like its a fuckin basketball or something.

Silver Complex:

-Another massive withdrawal of 415,538 oz by three separate customers
-total standing for deliveries is 1,370,000 oz (we are only 5 days in WOW)
-like I siad in previous posts this is shaping up to be an enormous problem for Blythe, she cannot call the Ben Bernank and print silver to deliver.
-only a SMALL amount ditched thier silver longs on the early january silver raid in the COT report.
-JP and HSBC obviously supplied some more paper silver, but the longs are not budging. As the price fell it did not fall enough as they shorted higher prices, and HAD TO ADD to their already MASSIVE SHORT PILE!
-SLV added some oz's, after throwing the metals around to help all their buddies, this may be an indication that the SLV is running on fumes in regards to physical
-silver meter=BULLISH, big time. I will watching Monday-Wednesday's reports, and Sunday night Asia action, I will also be in contact down there to see who's buying. We need to hold $29. After the reports on Monday and Tuesday, we will be able to make a decision if this is another entry point, if you did already buy at $26.50. Make no mistake, this is setting up to be something special in March, and Sprott's call of $50 by Spring may not be far off at this rate.


Corn prices goes literally straight up, unemployment numbers are a joke stop listening to them, Jim Rogers calls $150 oil, and says he will make more in agriculture than metals, Labour force unemployment at 26 years lows, Schiff says Ben is on good drugs, 1 billion sheep may tune into the entertainment game of the year (Super Bowl) while they forget they are being foreclosed on, have no jobs, higher prices, and are starring at the Abyss. And Egypt is burning, yup, still.

Another NIA release yesterday, enjoy. Make sure you tune in tomorrow as I will be releasing some good juniors if you wish to play that field.


  1. Heres a short quick read for the turkman on KWN,

  2. Dear Mr SilverGoldSilver,
    thanks for all the fabulous info, I'm always excited to see a new post came out on your blog. Question regarding the potential monetization of silver in Mexico: suppose I'm bullish on that one. Would you suggest investing in companies mainly producing in MX (e.g., Great Panther, TSX:GPR) or would you avoid them ? Do you see a material increase of nationalization/expropriation risk as a consequence of monetization ?
    Thanks... looking forward to read your tips on juniors... while watching the game !! ;-)

  3. Its always a risk with nationalization. I remember when I was in ARU.V (Aurelian Resources in 2006), when it was .30 and 6 months later it was $30- and every other week there was a sure sign of nationalization. I'm not sure the mexicans would be that dumb to do such a thing, as the miners would be pulling out the drills at an alarming rate.

  4. So please help me to understand. I am well aware of the imminent collapse. I have managed on modest means to accumulate 200 oz. of physical silver, and am still buying more whenever I can. I have been buying at coin shops 2, 3, 4 ozs at a time whenever I have extra fiat beyond paying my bills. Is this enough to save me and my family? I saw an interview with Harvey Organ where he said 500 oz will save you. While I hope I get there before the shit hits the fan, what if I don't. If I had $1,000.00 tomorrow, am I better to buy food or silver? While I keep spending my money on the things I think I will need, I am always in question as to whether I am buying the right things. Should I put the food on hold for a while and keep accumulating silver? Could someone help me plan for this? I have a four and teo year old that I would really like to survive.

  5. Tom:
    I bought 1,000 oz's and am very comfortable that, given a complete collapse of our system and hyperinflation, it will pull me and my family through. Remember that other who do not have any PM's will be easy targets for those that do, so not only will your wealth be maintained, but you will have huge personal leverage if you have the means and others don't.

  6. Tom: Come down. Holy fuck you even got my paranoid for a second. Okay. I have got major insider info that will be going out in Part 4, Friday 11th launch date. There may be a tiny spec of light at the end of the tunnel. I always recommend you buy as much physical as you can. But I do not know what your situation is, so I cant really guide you as much as I would hope for. Sure I could say mortgage your house and go by physical, but that wouldn't make sense if you were on the streets holding a big bag of shiny maples. The situation is different for everybody, where they live, city or farm, income etc. But make no mistake, you already have what 300,000,000 million other Americans don't even have a clue about-silver. Relax, take a deep breath, and keep reading.

  7. Tom,

    Your way ahead of the Sheeplez...keep it simple.

    Try to get a 12 month supply of food, and rotate it... First in First out.

    You might want to read this free e-book.
    Weimar hyperinflation "When Money Dies" PDF file

  8. Tom, Costco has emergency food kit for sale. The price are pretty affordable for different period of time. You can take a look at them.

  9. Tom.... Go to, it's the #1 prepper's source for collapse survival info.

  10. Tom... Remember- a msn can't run very fast carrying gold and silver. He's slower yet carrying lead.