Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Oscars, my thoughts, and what Blythe is doing later tonight

Trust me, I'm not dumb enough to lower my intellect by watching a Zionist run mind fuck on T.V. tonight filled with coke sniffing fuckwads prancing around in $10,000 dresses and pretending there arn't thousands of humans starving right now in Libya.

I just caught a clip of Natalie Portman talking about her movie the Black Swan and how great it is, and blah blah puke puke, blah. Realize this Nat: The only reason why you may win tonight is b/c your move has the BEST lesbian scene in a movie to date, and add in a on all fours masturbation scene. Get over yourself. The movie sucks.

While the rest of America sits in front of the screen tonight, wastes whats left of their brain tissue watching over drugged and paid squibbles (I just made that word up, no idea what it means), Blythe with be formulating how to ruin our lives again. BUT, while watching Natalie's new movie, word is once the scene comes on, she will use this silver bullet below...


  1. LOL, now that was funny. I was thinkin exactly the same thing. Nat should win just for the hot lesbo scene, instead I will tune in to a more important show.. Archer

  2. Damn.. i knew I should have seen black swan.. f*ck

  3. I read the plot, what a messed up movie. Pass.

  4. Actually, the source is here:

  5. I for one never understood the point of these award shows. A bunch of (mostly) well off, self absorbed douche bags get together to congratulate themselves on how well they played pretend. I haven't been to a movie theater in 3 years and from the looks of it I haven't missed all the much. Almost all the movies I've received from Netflix have been so lousy that I'm glad to have not spent the money to see that crap in theaters. I've been second guessing the whole point of the Netflix subscription if most everything blows. I wonder how many of these DBs own AU or AG?

  6. since the topic is the oscars, I just wanted to say that Hans Zimmer was robbed.. Inception was the best original score in close to a decade.

  7. AG is a great stock!!

    WAYyyyy undervalued....imo.
    (It should be at least the same price as SLW.)It's a Canuck product, to boot!! ;-)

    ANYBODY here got any intel on AG??

    I'm normally exclusive to options. But, this one I am seriously considering getting on leverage(never done that either.NEVER believed in it.But, I'll put principles aside for this stock!).

    SGS....anybody?(maybe SGS can start a new thread on this stock?)

  8. ....Thank me later....



  9. Mr SGS, when will we know the final OI for March? (I'm not talking about the prelim number) Monday morning? Monday night?

  10. SilverBull: Please explain why First Majestic should be a $40 stock like SLW. This better be good. I do not condon ANY bloggers on here spewing stocks and random price targets on here without data to back it up. Please provide something before I take down your post, thanks.
    I do this b/c if I dont, Everyone and there mother will post up their portfolio on here and it will be counterproductive clusterfuck of useless data. Go to stockhouse for that.

    Make it good so we can thank you now.

  11. I think I just come here to read the moderator. This place is great. :-). It's actually refreshing once in a while. I initially got roped in from those talking bear videos. I don't know who you guys are here or what in the world you're really up to completely but it sure can be a riot here at times.

    Just ensure me that silver is going to $100 US before the US fiat craps out. Thanks. (I still don't know what to do with all this heavy shit)

  12. Hope this is good enough, dude....

    My only "source" :

  13. stop thinking in terms of fiat. if fiat is still around 10 years from now, it could be 10,000 dollars an all depends on how hard hyper inflation hits.

    Just think, ALL it would take to get to 100 dollars by the end of the year is on average a 30cent gain per trading day.

    Doesn't sound too unrealistic, does it? If you want to cash out at 100, so be it. But if you think it would be smart to do so (without being able to take that fiat and buy everything you'd every need/want in life), I refer you to this video maybe you will think again.

  14. Soooooooooooooooo


    When do you wake up and start postiing?

    Battle lines are drawn.

    What newzzz do u bring us from the front lines?

  15. check gpl this morn.....pre market up .20

  16. Where is the silver data? Has it come in and you just don't trust it or haven't you heard the actual numbers yet. Many seem to think that aroud 4000 contracts stood. Please give us an update, I am frantic over here. Last night my little Blight was resting after all of her Sexcapades this weekend. She isn't taking my calls and she recently cut off my allowance after she found out I've been blogging on your site. I am thinking about starting a secret physical silver fund with the money she is still giving me, but I'd like to know the data first. I don't know if I can trust her anymore, who the hell lies to their own mother. I think she spent the night with Nat Port. The baby growing inside her did not stop them from having lots of fun with Nat's new Oscar; if you know what I mean...

  17. Even Bernie Madoff thinks US gov. is a ponzi scheme