Monday, February 21, 2011

Libyan Soldiers Executed for not killing protesters, silver $34

Well, not very long (I'd say 12 hours tops) when I posted about Israel and the massive problems they are about to face, I claimed the violence would get worse. Well, I guess it has.

Libyan Soldiers were executed for not killing protesters. Damn son.

Results of escalated violence (which should soon be spreading far beyond these boarders, and maybe to a boarder near YOU)=

a. Gold $10 from highs
b. If the US markets were open, silver would be at $35-36
c. WTI crude is up, go FILL UP TODAY, right now, pump prices will be insane tomorrow
d. And the best result of all this..? CONTAGION

Its going to spread like a venereal disease carrying teenage boy having unprotected sex. Get ready. Like I said, start looking at Israels actions for a future move in Silver and the rest. Here lies the crystal ball this week....happy family day! LOL You know where to thank me!


  1. Ah.. boy. Probably soon to America. If they had let the system crash in '08, would that have been the better path? People wouldn't have had money, but also stuff would be cheaper... hmm...

  2. We shall profit off the blood of gentiles!

  3. Soldiers everywhere need to start training their weapons on the people giving them orders.

  4. What happens if the COMEX defaults?- awesome article and a MUST READ!