Sunday, February 27, 2011

Juniors Update, Silver, Potash, Rare Earths

While we wait for the rest of the REAL OI data from the CRIMEX I would take a look again at these juniors below. I always keep the theme of diversification within my paper fiat portfolio. Read disclaimer please before proceeding. Always do your own Due Diligence.

#1 pick

Tinka Resources. Tickers TK.V and TKRFF

Tinka is being artificially kept down right now. This is blatant Blythe style attempt by "union" to keep a cap on this before the PP. Tinka is trading right now as if silver bullion is trading at $1. This stock may be the best kept under the radar junior I have come across since 2006. They have received drilling permits and then some. I am fully loaded with Tinka, only a broad market selloff can stop this from going to .75-$2 within a year. I am not selling a single share till $1.50. Sitting on 20+ million ounces with such a low float, reeks of manipulation. Watch for this to explode after some warrants are eaten through. .37 cents is a joke. Here is a tell tell sign of keeping the lid on something special. Get em while they are cheap.

Pick #2 - EPO Encanto Potash. Ticker EPO.V

I have been advised that the resource estimate may be out prior to trading tomorrow. It all depends on how the Native votes stack up. If Encanto is not trading at $2 by mid summer, it will be my single greatest junior failure. Highly disappointed if the Resource estimate is not a 150+ tonnage.

Pick #3 Great West Minerals. Ticker GWG.V

This rare earths play has taken a beating. Looks like .70 was a bottom just put in. This is touted as a $2.25 target by Sprott. This pull back was awesome. Thank you.


  1. SGS, I added these 3 to my Silver Data spreadsheet

    Click Here

  2. I have 500$ left in my trading account.
    buying Tinka tomomorrow for all that money.

    I am 90% PSLV and 10% AGQ.


  4. Phil Streible speaks: $31.00 coming soon! I like Alix Steel here. She needs a friend who is a real man bull. She looks pretty fierce actually....

  5. a. never listen to jim cramers site, the pump Fed BS, and he is a moneky

    b. whats "CApper"

    c. Significant supply issue...ummmm, sure I guess 1.25 lease rates and backwardation isnt enough

    d. Tell the fucking truth asshole, Blythe holds it down, just fuckin say it.

    e. He just said $31 BUT BUT BUT if it breaks out on monday its going higher! HA! We might as well call this guy CAPTAIN FUCKIN OBVIOUS.

    Dont post shitty videos on my blog please, I will waste my time and everyone reading this on how shitty the info is.

    It already hit $31's this week, and $34's, up and down, up and down WHO GIVES A SHIT what spot is at.

  6. SGS that was harsh! I listened to the video. Although I don't necessarily agree with the man, it's always good to hear both sides of the story. I always try to learn what I can. Did you look at the chart I posted as one of the tabs on my Silver Data spreadsheet? It has a five year seasonality view overlaying the one year price chart. We could have learned that January is seasonally a crappy month for silver, lightened up some, took profits, bought some at cheap prices at end of January. I mean, come on, man, we can all learn every day.

    Personally, I plan to lighten up on silver by end of Tuesday, unless she's rocketing up. I don't think I'm believing in Wynter Benton at the moment..

  7. I don't like Cramer either. I don't like the USA media either. I like people behind the scenes that are starting to shine like RIGHT HERE! That video I posted was just so you could mock it with me. I'm satisfied but I think that blond needs to be rescued from that bunch of freaks. She might be a Zionist though--who knows? If I never go to New York again I won't miss it.

    Back to physical: It's getting tougher to get my orders shipped quickly. Anyone else experience this? No one is going to convince me there is not a shortage at this point in time. Bullshit!

  8. Wynter still gets the benefit-of-the-doubt until the fat lady sings. The call she made on Feb 8th was too spooky.

  9. Hi SGS,

    Any opinion on ECU Mining? Thinking about pulling trigger on it. Just want your thoughts. Thanks.

  10. Dear SGS,
    Congrats on the baptism!
    Thanks for the junior updates. I never played the junior game before but I took your advice and bought the 3 stocks you mentioned. Last time you suggested stockhouse as a good source of info for due dil. Any other good source ?
    Thanks !

  11. I've been mass long the silver junior GPL since .32 and loving Blythe all the way on the ride to $3.46..1 Yr % Change (TTM)319.39..Kaboom!

  12. Why did you delete my comment?

    Not good enough for you. No other opinions allowed? Only your recommendations can be considered? No one else is allowed to seek other options?

  13. News Wire: If you want to make reco's, please use other blogs. I cant keep up on all these comments, be assured I get several hundred emails a day...I do not need emails about some OTCBB stocks. Sorry if I have caused you any wasted time. Email me at before you post stock suggestions, thanks.

  14. Keystone: Like I said a while ago somewhere on here, I sold my ECU at $1.25, it looked good at the time. I have not done enough DD in the last month on the drills or anything else they are up to, so no idea what to say here.

  15. Who said you needed to keep up on the comments? If wasn't an email, it was a comment. I did not send you any emails about otcbb stocks. So what you are saying is that your comment section is only for comments that you approve of huh? Well, I guess it is your blog, and if you only want your own opinions to be expressed then you of course can do that. I will quit commenting here from now on.

  16. Who said I needed you here spamming my blog with shit no one cares about? Dont piss me off. I thought I was nice enough to explain the situation. Your name in itself represents a problem. You remind me of all that crap thats on bullboards. You've been warned.

  17. News Wire, its sgs's blog, so respect his rules.
    If you don't like them, just go.

  18. First: Please don't confuse me with News Wire. Thank you. My name actually has a meaning but I won't get into that on here.

    As for the topic at hand: Why is the dollar going down and silver not going up? That really annoys me. I'm like that "sheep" bear in the video. I want to see my silver go to $100US. :-)