Friday, February 25, 2011

How to perfectly Paint silver charts 101

Do you see what I see? See how psychologically mindfucking this chart is? Welcome to Blythe's word. She is the master of the universe. She does what she wants, when she wants. Put your hands together, and pray for at least 8000 contracts to stand for delivery. Should have more insider over the weekend on this.

Notice the chart pattern here on the weekly? I took this chart from Jesse's Cafe Americain. This 'shooting star' is considered bearish on a technical level. This is why Blythe gets paid a quantillion dollars, and this is why we sit here and complain about it on blogs instead of revolting. Well done again, well done.

I forgot to mention, we have a combined 580+ "I hate Blythes" yesterday, NICE!

You know how to thank me, much appreciated.


  1. She can't be that f*cking smart. So is this a sign to us? A shooting star? Blythe you still suck.

  2. 33 dollars and climbing... Where are you Blythe?

  3. Yes...SGS, but that is as of THURSDAY. Today as of now, we have silver up $.91 which makes that SHOOTING STAR less shooting.

    I think we will see silver close between $.75-$1.00 higher which will make that weekly shooting star disappear. Well, that's what I am hoping for.

    And...if that doesn't work, we can always rely on the CHINESE who now realize CANDLESTICK CHARTING doesn't matter anymore when markets are manipulated up the KAZOO.

  4. might want to consider adding F*CK CNBC on your VENT VOTING AREA.

  5. Updated OI: 14,259

    Can anyone confirm this? Someone posted this on TFs blog.
    If OI remained on 14,259, that would be 2 months until CrimeX default i guess?

  6. Did they give up? There's no activity and the price is spiking. WTF?

  7. Shut the TV off, no better yet cancel the cable or whatever you have.

    Your brain will thank you for it.


  8. Why does hammering the price today entice more to settle for cash? Can someone explain? Thanks.


  10. Anon if they are offering a premium to spot and the price is dropping, then that would be a scare tactic to get them to take the money and run. I wouldn't at all be surprised if the hedge funds are gladly taking the money, especially if they fear liquidity issues going forward. The question is what will they do with those profits. Will they go long more contracts or will they go short?

  11. jesus the first of those vids is y this shit is happening the way it is its rigged that bad and i am in awe of the curruption or am i just in need of sleep?

  12. that first link by anon - woah

  13. New here - first post.


    For how many month settlements has JPM paid cash to settle their under water shorts?

    What sort of number of contracts per month (approx)?

  14. Anon, that first video has 65 views for a reason.

  15. It doesn't feature bears. I get it :o)

  16. There is a formation on the 15 minute May'11 silver contract right now called an adam & eve bottom formation. It basically looks like a cup & handle but the cup part looks more like a "V" than a "U". The handle portion is nearly formed and the upside breakout, if the formation plays out, should occur around 33.125. If this occurs and volume comes into the move, the target price should get silver to 34.55. Seeing as it's Friday afternoon it would not surprise me if the breakout doesn't occur until Sunday night/Monday morning.

  17. London trading failed to open on tie today due to a glitch - interesting


  19. SGS or anyone else.. Please help me to understand how does it works.

    So, if today is very critical for JPM to push down the price. What about the beginning of March ? Will they still try to push it down ? Will the lower silver price makes any difference to them ?

    I want to know when the battle may be over or will it ever...

  20. SGS, a few more questions re: the OI bullshit

    OIs for December: two days, one day and day before.


    For March:

    14,259 (prelim)

    Does this explain why Blythe didn't attack today? She's free?

    Also: Why trouble in December and now March, and none of the months in between?


    OIL +$1.05 @ $98.33

    So much for MARGIN HIKES on OIL to stop its BULL RUN towards $200 within the next 6-9 months.

    Lindsey Williams has some interesting things to say from his so called "ELITE" friends...and some of his calls were dead on....but the idea that there is all this OIL in the USA is pure bunk. Sorry.

    The only reason why the BIG OIL companies did not produce oil from the BAKKEN in the 1970-80's when they did drill wells is due to the cost of production back then. Today it is more economical. The Bakken will produce upwards of 1+ million barrels a day at the most.

    The TRILLIONS of oil reserves in the ROCKY MOUNTAINS is just as economical as mining the WORLDs OCEANS of the several million tons of GOLD it holds. The Rocky Mountain oil is trapped in SHALE. The EROI (energy returned on invested) of that CRAP is about the same as ETHANOL 1.5-1....bascially a LOSE-LOSE deal altogether.

    So much for the ELITE buying up all the REAL ESTATE for pennies on the DOLLAR as it will become increasingly worthless to anyone who holds it as the EROI continues to fall years to come.

  22. Blythe is not done yet Boy's!

  23. That's no fair... We won... WE WON>>> WE WONNN..HAHAHAHAHAHHA>>> F*ck you Blythe!


    great video interview with David Morgan by sgtbull07.

    He talks silver and how you cannot crash JPM through a silver default (DUHH, what I've been saying all along) because their silver derivatives are less than 0.5% of their total derivatives.

    it would take a dollar crisis to crash JPM, since mostly all their "assets" are in fiat.

    thats not to say a silver default wouldn't blow the price of physical through the would, it just wouldn't really hurt JPM at all

  25. check the volume on gpl...3.64 mill...10 day 1.9mil


  26. Anonymous.....while it is true that JP MORGUE's silver derivatives are very small, it is the buying of SILVER that will help destroy the DOLLAR don't you see.

    Banks don't hold silver in their vaults as they hold gold, so the real end game is in silver.

    That being said, buying SILVER will crush JP MORGUE, CITICORPSE, BLANK OF AMERICA, and GOLDMAN it will help kill the US DOLLAR.

    The Banks Life support is the FIAT DOLLAR, when physical buying of silver destroys the last pillar of the US DOLLAR, the whole SCHA-BANG comes tumbling down.

  27. This taken from JSmineset courtesy of Jim Sinclair:
    New Rules Will Cause Panic For Shorts
    Posted: Feb 25 2011 By: Jim Sinclair Post Edited: February 25, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    Filed under: General Editorial

    Dear Friends,

    Between now and Monday, February 28th be prepared for panicked short sellers who cannot make delivery to try every trick in the book to buy back their short positions.

    The following is information from Dr. Jim Decosta:

    Here is the URL:

    Quote: There’s 3 new laws gaining attention in the NSS market reform arena: FINRA 4320 goes into effect on 2/28/11. It mandates 13 day buy-ins for open delivery failures FINALLY applying to shares of non-reporting corporations. FINRA 2010-043, also starting on 2/28/11 reinstates the “short sale exempt” (SSE) marking requirements for trade reporting and the OATS system. Those MMs accessing the bona fide MM exemption from executing pre-borrows or “locates” before admittedly naked short sales must now FORMALLY acknowledge the accessing of that universally-abused exemption. Being that these trades are theoretically being made to “inject liquidity” then the excuse to hide the related trade data from the public’s eyes goes out the window. You can’t have it both ways and claim the bona fide MM exemption and later claim that the related trade data needs to be kept secret because it might reveal a “proprietary trading strategy”.

    Truly bona fide MMs that are able to legally access that universally-abused exemption cover their naked short position on the next downtick after their short sale when buy side liquidity is in need of being ejected as share prices fall. The 3rd new rule which is in effect now states that the offers and bids that MMs post must be of approximately the same size. No longer can the offers be of 1 million shares and the offsetting bid good for the minimum 5,000 shares.

    The verbiage in 4320 is especially well done as it FINALLY puts the clearing firms that aid and abet this crime wave on the spot. With the FFETF, which is made up of 25 different agencies, now on the scene the transparency has increased markedly. You can imagine how critical the lack of transparency is to a crime involving selling nonexistent securities and then refusing to ever deliver that which you sold AFTER being allowed access to the funds of the investor being defrauded.

    Here are the links to the rules SR-FINRA-2010-028 and SR-FINRA-2010-043:

    Notice the part I marked in bold in the quote above:
    "FINRA 4320 goes into effect on 2/28/11. It mandates 13 day buy-ins for open delivery failures FINALLY applying to shares of non-reporting corporations."