Friday, February 18, 2011

House Bill 1716-State of Washington- Update

It seems there is a thread and article over at ZEROHEDGE that just got whiff of this, as I posted yesterday, you can see the entire bill on my posting as well. Here's zerohedge's link, as there is a shit ton of comments about it. Its rare I'll beat Tyler to the punch a day early, but go to his site immediately to get up to speed on this please.

PS. If someone can figure out why when I press 'link' and add the URL in and on any links, they dont show up at all its just blank, I would greatly appreciate it, b/c its getting dumb.


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  4. For making a link, you need to enclose the URL in the <a></a>< tags.

    I have looked at the source code of your blog site and here is how the code looks for your link in your title that goes back to Zero Hedge and is working:

    <a href=''>House Bill 1716-State of Washington-Update</a>

    but what the reader sees is this:
    House Bill 1716-State of Washington-Update

    You can see that the basic form of the code above is like this:

    <a href="">TITLE OR NAME OF LINK</a>

    The first part is the destination URL in quotes and closed, the second part is the TITLE OR NAME of whatever you want to call the link and want it displayed as, and the third part is the end tag </a>

    Without the <a></a> tags, it will not link.

    The link in question that does not work for you is written in your code on your page as:

    There are no tags, it is just simple text and will not link without the tags.

    Now the reason why pasting a URL on Zerohedge and having it link without knowing code has to do with how the server is setup and whether or not it is programmed to acknowledge and create a link from seeing the first few characters of http://www.......

    Blogger is NOT set up this way. It does not automatically create a link from pasting the text of a URL in a comment or on the page. You have to use the <a></a> tags.

    Hope this helps. Unfortunately, if you're going to use blogger and want nice links, you'll have to know some basic html shit.

    Now what up with silver?

  5. What am I missing here? Doesn't the following text in the bill exempt gold and silver?

    (8) "Secondhand property" means any item of personal property offered for sale which is not new, including metals in any form, except postage stamps, coins that are legal tender, bullion in the form of fabricated hallmarked bars, used books, and clothing of a resale value of seventy-five dollars or less, except furs.

    Am I misunderstanding this?

  6. As I mentioned recently on ZH, it looks like this bill just applies to pawnshops, and is similar to California law. Though I confess, I've never sold anything to a pawn shop yet, so I can only speak from the URL that I provided at ZH, and not from first hand experience.

  7. Also, I noticed that you asked to be brought up to speed on the Wynter Benton and her posts. This guy has put them together, and is keeping track of them:

    Here's the last post from her:

  8. SGS unrelated to this post but have you heard any rumors or anything about JPM trying to corner the copper market to cover their massive silver short???

  9. SGS, I live in Concord, NH. I was speaking with my local coin dealer yesterday and he told me the City of Concord just passes an ordinance that if he buys any PM's from a person over $100.00, he needs to photograph them and hold them for fourteen days as well as ID and record who he bought them from.
    Side note: New Hampshire State Motto- "Live free or die".

  10. does anybody really think other than a handfull of the most wooliest of sheep would ever comply.....i think the majority of us would just here in my lovely mini wanna be like california state of maryland, were we are suppose to send in our sales tax from any purchase were the vendor or state did not take...fat fucking chance of that happening too...just like outlawing drugs, prostitution, gambling etc...assholes...i actually look froward to the reset that has to come to flush these incompetent worthless motherfuckers to the curb.


  11. I assume this is the ordinance my coin dealer was talking about:

  12. SGS - Would this possibly be about closing in on ebay buyers? Total feckin awareness whatever it is.