Monday, February 7, 2011

Got Silver?



-ZERO deposit into the dealer inventory (Rare in delivery month)
-1,080,000 standing for delivery this month


-Circus show continues, cant find the physical
-massive 1.43 million oz standing (OMFG)
-no outflows in SLV inventories (Monday is off day for Blythe)

I would like to dive straight into my commentary. I had an exceptional conversation with one of Canada's largest bullion dealers. They have informed me that 100 oz bars are gone. And if I need one, may take one month. I can remember a time (about 30 days ago) when they had too many 100 oz bars. So that being said, supply is tightening the fuck up. I feel it here. And moving into the Spring, it's going to get worse.
Here's the problem they have; JP knows they are fucked, and every time they try to slaughter us, its not working. I'm not kidding when I say, their short position may be deemed "too big too fail."
I bought more maples today, AND Eagles as I think the Eagles will have a major problem of supply going forward and SHOULD hold a higher premium if they stop producing, which, they are just delaying the inevitable. I'm fearing that one day in the Spring I will want to order more, and I will not be able to or have some insane wait on them. Forget that. I'm buying now. The bottom is in $26 ish, if it dips more I buy. If we clear $31 I buy more. We have a major problem looming. Here's my insider info. Buying at $26 or $28 or $30 will make no difference moving forward. Pull the trigger now. Pack it away, and wait. I cant stress this enough.

As for the stocks Tinka TK.V touched highs on great volume after securing permits today up 10% today. This is a sleeper stock. The frenzy will start soon well above .40. EPO made new highs in anticipation of the resource calculation-up 18% today on heavy volume. I'm looking at somewhere around .85 before the news hits the wire. GWG.V has already made its run, should consolidate above $1, and move higher on heavy volume. I will give an update on these stocks once a week. Keep them on the radar please. End game: trade 80% of newly acquired worthless fiat, and turn into silver and maybe a touch of palladium in there too for shits and gigs.

NOTE: GOLD's MACD just crossed. Sometimes we look at charts and breeze by this kinda stuff. Look closely at it. It's bullish.
As for overnight, I'm hearing of Blythe will try to smash this down. I would if I were him/her, he/she truly knows how fucked she/he is.


Fed loses long end, short end, middle end, 3/4 end all ends your aunts end, Wall Street hungover dismal volume, Sprott Gold Tsunami coming to shores near you soon, Dallas Fed's Fisher says Ben's on crack if he thinks of QE3, unemployment figures a complete sham (more like 17-23%), Bonds say "hi Inflation Soup, here's a spoon," JP morgue now want physical GOLD as collateral (NOT GLD)-hahah,And Egypt is still burning, Part 4 video out Friday.

Listen to my boy Peter on the Vid tonight. Till tomorrow. Keep fit and have fun.


  1. i put another 30% of my fed notes into silver today at 29.35. Came on to read this ur blog like I do most nights and found out your purchased around the same time as well. Will be checking back around 11 est

  2. I went all in, in 2003n after reading Ted Butlers book. I traqded gold ounces for silver at 5.00 an ounce.. I am ready for this thing to blow big.. hopefully within the next 60 days.
    Bought may call options hoping to ride and get fiat to pay a few bills and not need to sell my physical. Thanks for all you do SGS, Next 2 months otta be huge.

  3. Any advice on how to put IRA funds into PMs? I am not comfortable with APMEX's plan to have someone else hold it. Is there another way?

  4. SGS, What's the endgame? I mean at some point Blight Masters will have to punt. But when, and how?

  5. No one can tell when.

    How is buy all the physical silver and hold it until they fold.

  6. Perhaps a change in the rules as their next move? Much like a child flipping up the game board when losing? Thanks for the blog SGS, kudos.

  7. holy crap silver just went on a vertical climb!

  8. Gold Bullion Considered As Collateral By International Clearing House – LCH.Clearnet

    Welcome to the decade of EPIC

  9. FiveRiversDreamInterp,

    Take the penalty and take possession of YOUR wealth. A 30% penalty fee, or an IRA worth NOTHING. Your choice.

    I cashed out and have already recovered penalty loss. So could you.

  10. I cannot comment on IRA or US retirement portfolio stuff. I am Canadian, I am not well versed on the US side of that stuff. TFSA's, RRSP's - yes, but not the US 401K etc. stuff.



  12. yes apmex is legit. buy maples.

  13. Just wanted to thanks for the Tinka (TKRFF) US market sysbol you rock.

  14. No problem boys....that being said, there are a few million warrants to burn through at these be patient, once those are done, should be heading to the .50's

    Phoenix are you from US or Canada? If Canada do NOT by anywhere BUT tell them SGS sent you, call in and talk to them...if you are from the US, no idea.

  15. I agree that the best place to buy silver in Canada is I live in Ontario and have never had any problems with my orders from Alberta. They are the most reasonably priced of anyone.

  16. Phoenix: If you are in the US check out Provident Metals .I have had good luck with them.

  17. Another stellar day for Tinka Resources (TK.V). Huge volume and great price action. $600 million in proven silver reserves and a market cap of $17 million. Beautiful.