Thursday, February 17, 2011

Flight # BLYH/JPM666,Silver ticket TO THE MOON


-OI increases big time to 5834 contracts (Wednesdays figure's- we are always a day behind)
-very low volume, again (theme continues)
-1,130,000 left standing this month for delivery

-OI increase by 1153 contracts
-yesterdays volume was huge at 101,033
-ZERO deliveries, most likely b/c the COMEX has fuck all left in the vaults
-more standing this month at 2,425,000, added another 20K oz's as everyone is holding on for dear life as we head into March.
-BULLISH everywhere here, big big problems for Blythe coming to a theater near you

Congrats to all Silver longs that bought when I told you to! You know how to thank me ;) Dont get too excited. Do not underestimate Blythe. She can walk on water, like Jesus. That being said, the Morgue is in a world of hurt right now. I mean, holy fuck, how could they let this happen? They have been running the greatest ponzi EVER...I guess all great things come to an end...when the populace finally awakes after 40 years of hibernation.

I have some sad news. I texted out to a friend of mine that had a decent amount physical to say, "the day has come, new highs, onto $50!" His response made my stomach tighten up- "I sold a while back." Now, I have no problem with selling for a profit, everyone has to eat and pay bills, but fuck me, we just went through a 2 1/2 month battle in the trenches. This is the power that Blythe holds. This is why I say to turn off CNBC and FOX.

Last night I was sitting in a sushi shop, checking the fiat spot prices, why I dont know even I get caught up sometimes in it, and the 25 year old something behind me was talking to her boyfriend saying, "Did you see cotton today?" To the boyfriends surprise, "No what!?" She went on to say that there is overwhelming demand for cotton now, and that's why the price is at records." This is why everyone needs to turn off the TV. We are fed SHIT and we eat it!

Lastly, I have a 5 month old. I apologize if any of my grammar is fucked up, or if I'm missing blatantly obvious spelling or words...I don't sleep and I also run three businesses. I appreciate all the feedback and comments, lets keep them rolling in. Realize one thing: the real battle hasn't even begun yet; expect a defensive counter attack from Blythe et al, I would be flat out WRONG to say we are going straight to $40, and if we do, that means we are going straight to $75. Buckle up, buy the dips, get it while you can.

QUICK NEWS: You know who this is brought to you by

WTI and BRENT spread is at $16.50-I'm giving that a WOWZERS!, demonstrations in Madison WI are getting interesting, middle east in a big heap of shit now, Portugal Bonds=leprosy, China/Russia selling US treasuries like its the 'clap,' margins dwindling worse since 1979, Cotton surpasses $2, yup that's a two (2), Chinese are now getting silver fever too.


  1. SGS,
    I was over on TURD'S blog and he was talking about wynter_benton. Is this the group that the silver bears 3 were talking about. I see where as of today they were talking about not communicating anymore. I have physical, believe me. but purchased some 38.00 May call options when silver was at 27.00. Now my question is this. I purchased these options to get a fiat flow going in order not to sell off my physical for needed bills etc. Wynter is saying they could short the paper price at some time. I am just hoping as you said above that the paper price is high on the expiration date of my May contracts. Just wondering if you are hearing anything. Thanks.

  2. No, this is not the group the bears were referring to. Not too sure what to make of Benton and the posts on Yahoo, of all places. Still trying to figure out if that was all bullshit. Now they are disappearing? Hummmmmm....

  3. Turd F was thinking that 31 was the final defense line for the Morgue's short position. Once crossed, it's like the Rubicon. We'll see I guess. I love your thinking about next stop 75 if so.

    What's happening in Wisconsin is fascinating. The union thugs are pulling out all stops, but no one is giving in.

    We might be at the end game...of everything Ponzi. What interesting times we live in. I've raised 3 kids and fought the Nanny State Nazi's for nearly 15 years. I hope to live long enough to piss on their graves.

  4. SGS

    Thanks for advice, answering questions and taking the time to share your info in a accesible way.

    I'm not so long into the PM world, and had a great day today.
    I've joined this whole guerilla in the most simple way: physical silver.
    Futures, options, stocks it's not my thing, but thanks to your bears I got into this and have the feeling that I can defend myself and my family against and that the PTTB are not invincible.

    Today was a historical day. Tommorrow they probably slam it again, but hey BTFD.


  5. I can see why your blog would offend virgin eyes, but I appreciate your no-bullshit format.

  6. I really hope we aren't going straight to $40. I haven't load up enough yet. Don't let me down Blythe!

  7. straight up flaunt...I much prefer it this way..

  8. Should i buy now or wait to see if they knock the price down a bit.

  9. SGS, Congrats on the little one, watch out they grow like a weed!!! ( I know everyone told me that and now mine is 10) LOL!
    If you would permit me I would like to show your blog how I bilked Blythe out of silver today at about 2-3 bucks an ounce
    Disclaimer: This is not a joke!

  10. FYI I want everyone on this blog to do this because it worked for me and I got silver on the super cheap :)

  11. Nick: I gave my strong buy reco with the info that I had last week at $29.50...buying here is a coin flip...could come back or go to $35, you are in whats commonly refereed to as "no mans land' territory as there is no indication of what is to happen other than to digest the nightly metals markets info I get.
    That being said, if you are looking for longer term (3-6 months) than, like I said, I would be anything below $34, thats not to say it might pullback. Yes, I know, on the fence like an idiot. Strong Buy signal was last week, not too sure what Blythe is up to yet on this breakout. Hope this helps.

    Slamhound: No idea what you are talking about, explain more, I'm lost, write it out in detail, go ahead.

  12. Tomorrow shall be interesting - "WE WILL NOT SELL OUR SILVER FOR FIAT!! ATTAAACK!!"

  13. Well Done SGS!! Would have preferred artemis Blythe falling from the morgue today but hey the stick figure works! Wondering about SLW... seems to be underperforming any thoughts?? Have been buying physical like theres no tomorrow but still drive the fiat around for fun. Thanks!

  14. I'll drop a hint here.

    In the near future you will see war in the middle east. Israel and Iran will most likely be involved, but it will spread. Oil will shoot to over 200/barrel almost overnight.

    China will dump its US holdings, the US crossed the shit-line backing Israel in this new war.

    Silver is going to go up and up and up. Might be some dips on the way, but overall way up.

    Watch this Lindsey Williams video, blew my socks off.

  15. SGS
    Call your bank's main branch, order $500 of 50 cent pieces. Go through them one by one, on my first batch I picked out 11 40% coins and 1 90% coin. My Friend went down to the bank and bought $250, he picked out 8 coins, all 40%. The best part is you can't lose money!! I called in and ordered another $1000 LOL

  16. Forgot to add... Those coins were SILVER 40% and 90%. If you hold the roll on edge they are real easy to see. The Silver coins have no copper on the rippled edge. My kids had a blast doing this.
    Give it a try!
    Oh and the best part, I got the silver from CHASE (JPMorgue) HAHA

  17. sgs - i know you think wynter might be bs, but the if you go through her posts from the start, and though your busy she did call a bunch of events on the money so maybe it's worth it
    you'll see she was right more or less since spetmeber, calling silver to all time new high, calling the ove to 30, though some mistakes liek saying 50 by december but maybe that was exaggeration. but i doubt it's bs, but i wonder if she's working for us or against us, i mean why the fck does she care to update constantly and shit