Monday, February 14, 2011


I have arrived in my humble abode after a lovely dinner with family. Oh no we didn't discuss politics, inflation, nor did we postulate the future price of Silver. The main concern, or topic of greater importace, if you will, was that Lady Gaga showed up to the grammy's in a fucking giant egg. Yup, an egg.

Prices are soaring, gas prices (in Canada) are a joke, and we need to swallow the fact that some drug snorting boarderline retarded singer that makes millions importing shit into my ears has to be plastered all over the front page of everything. Fuck off. Cant side track me from the truth.

My friends, the time has come, the end is near, keep fighting this battle against the PTB and their mindfucking tactics.

More on topic, I have an interview with a gentlemen who has been in one of the SLV vaults on Tuesday. I have also been in contact with the assay auditor. This should be interesting...I will record the call with their permission. I see Blythe already at work early tonight, she must be on some sort of reverse sleeping schedule lately.

It would have been cool if she showed up in a .9999 Silver Egg...that would have been cool. (I'm not a Gaga fan if you haven't noticed)

More to come tomorrow, have a great night watching shitty music and coke'd out artists perform for $300,000 an hour.


  1. My Greatest Frustration is with my immediate and extended family. Of course I go along with the small talk of MOVIES, SPORTS and what-fricken-ever, but it frustrates and bores the living hell out of me.

    I did get good ole Mom to buy GOLD though. The rest of the family is still holding tight onto the 4.01Ks, Mutual Funds, Pension Plans and Bonds while rubbing their lucky BEN BERNANKE RABBITS FOOT. Looks like they are going to go down with the U.S.A TITANIC when the PHAT LADY SINGS.

  2. I did like the Resistance doing They will not control us.

  3. It's rather sad to think that most of these Holly weird types will end up flat broke when the currency collapse comes. I'll bet none of them have a clue about Gold and Silver.

    Gaga is a wack job, but she was kinda cute at one time.

  4. Another young gaga.

    Huba huba

  5. I woke up this morning and the first thing I see is the egg.

    The second thing I read is the projected budget by Obama. OMG...this is really getting crazy!

    We need a serious wake-up call, I hope its silver, but it could be anything we are so close to the edge of the cliff.

    It is clearly coming....

  6. Guys - don't toss your TV. There is nothing wrong with being entertained so long as you are able to keep it in perspective. Watched the "A-Team" last night. though it was roaring good fun. Also thought it was interesting that they were determined to recover USD plates because that would mean lots of "Unbacked" US currency running around. I says "It's all unbacked" and my wife says "I knew you were going to say that."

    Well - at least I know she's listening... and understands.