Monday, February 21, 2011

Actual Text messages between Blythe and Jamie

J: We on track?

B: I'm with my family, what are you referring to?

J: What we talked about.

B: I'm not sure, we talk a lot ;)

J: It's getting out of control

B: Ag ?

J: We are taking a shit kicking, we cant push copper to $20 you know that right?

B: Do you know who you are talking to?

J: Cut the shit Blythe

B: I'm on it J-dawg

J: If the saudi's get razzled, this whole thing is over

B: You dont think I know that?

J: $33.50

B: do you know how many $35 calls I wrote?

J: this may not end the way I see it ending

B: I've been shorting into this surge

J: tell me you are joking

B: You told me to sit on it

J: See me in my office Tuesday

B: Fuck those assholes at zerohedge, silvergoldsilver, and Turd that motherfucker!

J: holy fuck Blythe


  1. SIFO rates nearly doubled into negative territory:

    18-Feb-11 -0.36000 -0.37000 -0.37000 -0.39600 -0.36800
    21-Feb-11 -0.61250 -0.61250 -0.61250 -0.57500 -0.60000

  2. SGS- might not Blythe short the living fuck out of gold, bringing silver down with it w/o having to cover those shorts n the future? Is the move up in gold a scripted bull trap?

  3. I love the smell of burning bankster shorts in the morning. It smells like victory.

  4. Frank: backwardation in silver now is .73, not sure if she can do much else. Sure they can pull the rug out on a 5-10 interval, but I'm not sure if there is anything left in the bag of tricks...margin hike was useless...I guess they cant short more..? LOL