Thursday, February 24, 2011

28,000 silver soldiers still ready for big box delivery, bring it.


-volume picking up
-No deposits
-Massive withdrawal 64,203 oz's
-1,137,300 left standing in February
-GLD loses 6.67 tonnes , LOL

-March OI falls 39,528 to 28,275 (FUCK SAKE!)But still high for one more day left
-comatose inventories, most likely b/c they are full of shit from here on out
-SLV adds 2,929,386 oz (not sure from where after yesterdays 5 million too)

Sprott = silver ETF climbed to 16.15% premium to NAV WOWzers. I guess people know what is really going on with the physical supplies

Blythe, Blythe, Blythe. Superb timing today I have to hand it to you. Well done. And tomorrows low friday volume should open the door again. I got a nice fillsky at $31.99 like I told my viewers you would take it. Didn't think it was going to be so late in the day after markets closed you WENCH! Love it. Keep going. We have 28,000 contracts still standing. You got 24 hrs. 24. Do your thing, make it ugly, b/c come Monday, you may have an issue, and if the Canadian Mint cant find silver, I have no idea where you are going to come up with the goods. Get your game on Blythe, I'll be here. Oh I forgot to mention, you have a leak, commonly referred to as a RAT in your house. Just a heads up. Fuck yourself.

Readers, get ready for an ugly day. Tomorrow should give you a superb buying opportunity as today did.

Oh and if you are wondering, 28,000 = 140,000,000 oz's still standing. I said BRING IT!

QUICK NEWS: Brought to you by - YOU KNOW WHO!

QE3 a comin, Libya civil war?, Canadian mint CANT FIND SILVER!, CME oil hike, Bahrain getting ready, GM on its way to ZERO again, New home sales go by by, Saudi King is giving 32 Billion in hopes his citizens wont revolt LOL-oh its coming mother fuckers!


  1. tomorrow ugly day again ?

    how much can it drop ?

  2. SGS- please clear this up for me . . .

    Why only 1 day left? Haven't more longs dropped out today (to be reflected in tomorrow's OI numbers), and then more tomorrow? So that probably OI will be 10k tomorrow (after today's fireworks), and like 3k on monday?


  3. Yep, how deep a drop?


  4. Good! Bring on the ugly day tomorrow! I'm going to put in a pre-order for some Canadian Grizzly Bears. Forget the MADE IN CHINA Panda Bears. I don't trust the Chinese mints anyway. They have been reported to be "salted".

    If it looks like you have a feel for how low this could go---I'll be interested if it gets through 30.50 here by close of day Friday.

  5. Blythe could you do me a favor and bring me a coffee tomorrow morning? Make sure you they do 3 pumps not four... Oh yea turn in your resignation too. Since you read this shit I figured it would make me laugh. - Jamie

  6. Yeppers!! Me too!!
    I am VERY interested in any insights about downside price action predictions.
    I wanna go LONG some SLV options, but as everyone, I don't want to overpay....


  7. Akbar: 1 day left to raid. Not too sure how this is confusing you. Even if it is 3K monday, 15 mill oz's is more than whats in the comex right now.


    SGS: Did you see this article that if gold closes above $1416.00? (Said it is virtually guaranteed to go UP within the next 8 weeks.)

    Blythe & co-conspirators mustuv seen that article because it closed at $1415.30. Or, $.70 of that number!

    My question is since it is so close, does it still count/ Is $1550 "a lock"?

    I am also interested in gold and sil;ver options purchasing.

  9. Love the attitude SGS!

    I do have a question though. Everyone talks about Blythe... Do you have reason to absolutely believe she is behind it or is she more just a boogeybitch to lash out against? I ask because it seems half the people think she's actually behind it and the other half just say her name because she's a cunt.

  10. let me ask some dumb questions here.

    So, tomorrow the silver future is going to take a beating, right ?
    And that is for the March delivery, right ?

    Once in March, the future trading will be for the next delivery month. And in that case, should Blythe try to push silver price up ? If JPM pushes the silver price up for the next month, won't that help lure some people to roll over to next month ? I know people may not roll over but at least that is a tactic moves.

    Or would they try to push it down further even for the next delivery month ? Even if they push the silver price down, it won't help the March contract deliver, or would it ?

    Am i getting close ? I am talking about in principle, how JPM would play the game.

  11. SGS - Do you mind pointing me to where you get the metals report for every night? I would be very curious to see some past data.



  12. pdobrove: Harvey's blog is a good place to start.

    User2008: Heres the conundrum: If more than 7K contracts stand she has a problemo (so she needs to raid to cover shorts) if they roll, price goes higher...she is fucked either way.

    Flaunt: Blythe can go fuck herself. I will be the first one to throw my kookaburra at her face when this all blows up...of course, she most likely has 75,000 oz's already waiting for her right beside her B.O.B.

  13. SLV "has" 340 million oz of silver. Won't they loan it to Comex for the delivery ?

    So, 28,000 contracts is 140 million oz. SLV has more then enough to cover.

    The least rate is all the time, that means SLV will be racking in the profit by giving up their silver.

    And I am guessing many of the 28K contract won't really want physical delivery. They may be able to get by.

    The only gotcha is whether SLV actually has silver. I thought they do not allow audit.

  14. It looks like its going to be really close this month... but even if they are able to close enough of the contracts out, wont the ones that do stand for delivery basically drive the reserves to Zero? Especially so if they have to lease all the silver SLV has on hand... That will need to be replaced before it can be leased again... So if the default doesn't hit this month, isn't it almost guaranteed to hit next month?

  15. Comex report there are 102 millions oz. But I don't know what is registered means. 41 million oz are "registered". Could it be already owned by someone ?

    But here is the thing, back in Dec, someone said there was a run at Comex. And Comex settled by paying 25% more. Back in Dec, there are much less OI or contracts as I was told. March is going to be most contracts ever. I can't see how March will be worse than Dec.

    Anyway, JPM gotta pay for the massive short contracts writing. SLV owners may be paying for it. SLV inventory may be depleted and in return they keep the fiat currency.

    However, I wonder where is the billion of oz JPM shorted come about ? When are they going to show up ?

    If Comex can really deliver the March physicals, I bet the Chinese and Indians will jump in the next delivery month immediately. They don't want the money, they want the physicals. They won't mind paying the dollar for them because they have a lot of US dollars. And their dollars is depreciating every day. Getting the physicals can be used in industrial and other applications.

  16. One more thing, Chinese has openly voice the support of gold and silver standard. And in fact, several weeks ago, Chinese official openly suggest the government to increase the gold and silver reserve. If Comex can deliver, Chinese will take it.

    US dollar is again dropping, even with the current crisis in Africa and middle east.

    I hope those Chinese investors will step in tomorrow or next Monday to gobble up as many silver contracts as possible. That is their last real chance to do it. If Comex got busted for March, they will lost their chance to redeem PM without further restrictions.

  17. i have what i could spare in physical yet i may be able to pull a little together in one of my brokerages to short SLV or JPM

    if SHTF for comex any ideas as to what would be a good (yes shitty fiat i know) stock to short for a quick buck to reinvest into some JR minors.. i have some realllyyy good ones maybe ill post them soon

  18. add in a "?" mark somewhere in there :) ^^^

  19. I got an offer for 40% premium over spot for cash settlement.

  20. damn40%

    i guess no ideas on my post?

  21. Preliminary numbers for the 24th are 19544 March OI.

    That 97M ounces which is way to much for that whore so she's got her work cut out for her.

  22. Phoenix - how about JPM?

    Now show me yours.

  23. I love this raids. My "paper" portfolio is 100% silver and when these raids happen I add a little leverage and go 120% silver. When it goes back I sell this 20%. If it doesnt, like last month I just wait with 120% leverage, I have a lot of time.

  24. i had considered JPM yet i figure if that goes -90% or more in one day thats pretty much it as far as the dollar is concerned and i will have little time if any to try to allocate those funds better...

    anyway heres some TOP NOTCH STOCKS
    top 3 or
    GMXR (theres time still as i believe to get in)

    top 5
    TARSF (will respond well to increased investor awareness and positive exploration results)

    and so on..
    HTM i personally love this company i really do think it is a sleeper stock and geothermal is .. well u gotta research how crazy it is compared to the ...fad solar and wind stocks..

    i sold off my position of PIP with slight losses but i think if the govt pulls another false flag trer atk it may benefit we shall see

    ... I STILL WANT BETTER IDEAS THAN JPM mr. that guy aka anonomous