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Silver Manipulation Quiz by: Bix Wier

1) Which monetary metal is the MOST manipulated on a daily basis by the banking cabal?

a) Gold

b) Silver

c) Platinum

d) None of the above

ANSWER: b) Silver

The reason silver is the most manipulated is because it is the smallest in dollar value, largest in industrial importance and unbelievably scare. Although gold is the most famous "monetary metal" silver is just as much a monetary metal if not much more. Silver is also an indispensable industrial metal used in everything from flat screen TV's to cell phones. Silver is being pulled from all sides and will soon break free from the banking cabal that controls it on a daily basis with computer programs.

Once silver is cut free from the banking cabal there will be no doubts that silver is a very important monetary metal...if not the MOST important.

2) The definition of the "US Dollar" as first defined in the Coinage Act of 1792 is equal to:

a) 1oz of Silver based on the average weight of a worn Spanish Peso.

b) Three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, standard silver.

c) 1/20 oz of .999 fine $20 St. Gaudens Gold Coin

d) 23.22 grains (1.505 g) of gold

ANSWER: b) Three hundred and seventy-one grains and four sixteenth parts of a grain of pure, standard silver.

3) Why did Warren Buffett sell all of his physical silver holdings in the 1st quarter 2006?

a) He thought silver was overvalued and wanted to lock in a profit

b) He did not think the future of silver was bright

c) He swapped it to buy gold

d) He handed it over to the banking cabal when they blackmailed him.

ANSWER: d) He handed it over to the banking cabal when they blackmailed him.

In 2005 the world's most famous investor was in very hot water due to illegal transactions with AIG in his giant re-insurance company General Re.

Then in May 2006 Buffett announced that he had gotten rid of his silver:

As coincidence may have May 2006 the silver ETF (SLV) opened it's doors and quickly ran to 130M oz (the exact amount of silver estimated to be sold by Warren Buffett.)

Although the CEO of AIG, Hank Greenberg, got the book thrown at him Buffett was able to escape prosecution after meeting with the "investigators" just prior to his silver divestment.

Did Buffett trade his silver for his freedom? You make the call.

4) What is the real Silver to Gold ratio in above ground supplies?

a) 50-1 (50x more silver than gold)

b) 20-1 (20x more silver than gold)

c) 1-1 (same amount of silver as gold)

d) 1-5 (5x more gold than silver)

ANSWER: c) 1-1 (same amount of silver as gold)

There is an estimated 5B oz of gold above ground and 5B oz of silver. The funny thing about this odd fact is that very few people dispute it! Gold is trading for over 50x the price of silver and yet they are both "monetary metals". Not only that but silver is also a vital industrial metal with new applications being discovered almost daily.

Melt The Witch...Swap all your Gold for SILVER!

For those who guessed (d) I'll give you a 1/2 point because you are probably right on a monetary silver basis. Actually, I'd guess it's more like 1-100 where for every 1 oz of monetary silver available there is 100 oz of gold...which would you buy?

5) According to the USGS at current consumption rates how many years of silver supply are left in the ground?

a) 16 years

b) 20 years

c) 50 years

d) 125 years

ANSWER a) 16 years

The USGS estimates that there is 400,000 tons of remaining silver reserves in the ground or 12.8B oz.

The current annual consumption rate is around 800M oz and increasing as the economic expansion continues, new applications get introduced and investors discover that the price of silver has been manipulated for decades.

Of course, the USGS numbers are WRONG because they are involved in the manipulation scam as well but so are the annual consumption estimates. I estimate that the annual consumption rate for physical silver from INVESTORS ONLY is over 1 Billion oz per year!

6) How long has the CFTC had an open investigation into the manipulation of the COMEX silver market?

a) 6 months

b) 12 months

c) 24 months

d) over 24 months

ANSWER: d) over 24 months

I have been one of the most vocal critics of the CFTC over the past 10 years publishing articles like this:

CFTC: 6 Strikes and Yer Out!

I am confident that this NEW investigation will result in some sort of action against JP Morgan and the banking cabal. The remaining questions are "When will it happen?" and "How will the market change going forward?".

Here was my suggestion for how the COMEX should change:

New CFTC Gold/Silver Regulatory Framework

7) The best way to fake gold bars is to fill them with Tungsten. What metal would be the most likely choice to make fake silver bars with?

a) Molybdenum

b) Lead

c) Tin

d) Iron

ANSWER: a)Molybdenum

If you thought like the banking cabal you would look for ANY WAY to prolong the manipulation of the price of silver. Having that as your goal wouldn't you look into making fake silver bars like they did fake gold/tungsten bars? You bet you would...

Fake Silver Moly-Bars

8) On December 31, 2007 how many ounces of physical silver did the iShares Silver ETF (SLV) deposit into inventory only to remove it all the following business day to "cook the books" at the end of their fiscal year?

a) 5 tonnes

b) 20 tonnes

c) 200 tonnes

d) More than 500 tons

ANSWER: d) More than 500 tons

555.23 tonnes to be exact or 17.8M oz of silver! This has to be one of the most glaring examples of "cooking the books" I have ever seen. You can still find this recorded fact on the iShares SLV website under "historical data".

Here are the exact numbers:

12/28/07 4628.73 tonnes

12/31/07 5245.67 tonnes

1/2/2008 4690.44 tonnes

Of course, JP Morgan is the "Custodian" of all that silver for SLV and has been under investigation for the past few years for silver price manipulation. Where is the fiduciary duty of the trustees of the iShares SLV? Who in their right mind appoints a suspected silver manipulator to guard the physical inventory of iShare Silver. The list of "bad guys" going to jail on this one will be long and wide!

Those who claim there is nothing out of the ordinary in this physical inventory entry just imagine 185 three ton capacity armored cars being unloaded into the JP Morgan London warehouse on New Year's Eve only to RELOAD all these trucks the day after the start of the New Year.

If this is a "normal transaction" then JP Morgan needs to significantly jack-up their custodial fees!

9) Why aren't there as many reports of fake silver coins as there are of fake gold coins?

a) Silver coins are harder to counterfeit

b) Silver coins are easier to test for fraud

c) Silver coins are too cheap

d) Silver coins are too rare

ANSWER: c)Silver coins are too cheap

One of the side benefits of the long term manipulation of silver has been that because the price is held so low there has not been a problem with fake silver coins like there is with gold. This will change when silver is cut loose from the bonds of manipulation.

Having said that, it is very likely that some of the large silver bars held in the iShares Silver ETF are filled with Molybdenum. Unlike the COMEX silver bars, the SLV bars are under the strict control of the "Authorized Participants" who will not let any industrial users withdraw their inventories for re-melt.

Who's The Little Man Behind the Curtain?

10) According to Ted Butler, who holds the gigantic over-sized silver short position on the COMEX?

a) JP Morgan

b) Goldman Sachs

c) China

d) The Rothschilds

ANSWER: a) JP Morgan

I'll let the Silver Master Ted Butler take this one:

November 10, 2008: THE REAL STORY

11) In the last 6 years how many investigations have been announced by the CFTC into silver market manipulation?

a) 1

b) 2

c) 3

d) 4

ANSWER: c) 3

The first two investigations determined that silver was "fairly traded" and the CFTC provided VERY WEAK arguments to justify their conclusions.

Response May 14, 2004

"We have found no evidence of manipulation, and those making the allegation have provided no evidence of manipulation." CFTC Director Michael Gorham

As you may have suspected, Michael Gorham came from the Federal Reserve Bank and is currently on the Federal Reserve Bank "Working Group". Surprise, surprise!

The second report was published almost exactly 4 years later on May 13, 2008 and took over in weakness where the first on left off EXCEPT the CFTC decided to publish it from "STAFF" instead of a single CFTC employee.

"As with the analysis of the silver markets in 2004, staff again concludes that there is no evidence to support the argument that silver futures prices are being manipulated downward."

The conclusions of the final investigation have not been released but the CFTC announced the investigation way back in September 2008 and have said that it is now with the "Enforcement Division". This jives with the FBI recently stating that it has opened a criminal investigation into JP Morgan rigging the silver market.

The clock is ticking...make sure your are prepared for some SILVER FIREWORKS AROUND JULY 4TH!

12) Why will the industrial demand for silver continue to be strong even if the price of silver rises dramatically?

a) Demand for silver is "inelastic" in its industrial applications

b) Manufacturers have ample access to the credit markets to raise money

c) Consumers will always buy products that use silver (like flat-screen TV's)

d) Silver is a vital in military applications

ANSWER: a) Demand for silver is "inelastic" in its industrial applications

In layman's terms... Inelastic demand for a product or service is when demand does not vary with increases or decreases in price.

Although industrial demand consumes over 600M oz of silver per year, a significant rise in price would not greatly affect the consumption rate because silver is used in very small amounts for most silver applications. Electronics, medical and power industries all use small amounts of silver per application such that as a % of production costs the silver portion is fairly small.

For example, there may be 1/1000th of an oz of silver in your iPhone so if the price of silver goes up 10x the incremental cost for apple will go from 1.8 cents to 18 cents per phone. With iPhones costing over $200 each the justification to use a different metal with worse conductivity is not there.

13) In the early 1980's how were the Hunt Brothers forced to liquidate their silver holdings?

a) The government told them to

b) The COMEX changed their rules

c) They were found guilty of market manipulation

d) They liquidated by choice to book a gain on the trade

ANSWER: b) CFTC changed their rules

This is a prime example of how powerful the banking cabal is when they want to be. The Hunt Brothers knew about sound money but left themselves open to the FANG of the Banking Cabal by leveraging their position on the COMEX. Had they stayed away from the paper markets they would have won their battle with the cabal.

14) Why does the FDA want to ban the use of colloidal silver as an antibiotic?

a) It turns people blue

b) It isn't as safe as prescription antibiotics

c) It isn't proven to kill harmful bacteria while not affecting the human body

e) They are afraid it would become too popular

ANSWER: e) They are afraid it would become too popular

The banking cabal has been battling silver for hundreds of years. Silver is the people's money and represent the best alternative to their fiat monetary system. Silver can also save lives and that is also something that the cabal wants to see...less people to use up scarce resources.

Colloidal silver has been used as an antibiotic for hundreds of years. Before refrigeration was around people would put a silver dollar in their milk bottle so it would stay fresh and last longer. The term "Born with a silver spoon in his mouth" actually refers to the belief that children that were fed with silver spoons were less susceptible to viruses because of silver's antibiotic properties.

If you go out and buy some colloidal silver DON'T buy those little bottles for $10-$50 a pop. Do yourself a favor and purchase a colloidal silver generator and you can make gallons of the stuff for pennies per gallon. I bought mine through this company and I LOVE IT!

PS - For those of you thinking you may turn BLUE...just don't chug it with every meal, rub it all over your skin or fill the swimming pool with it!

15) Why would the US military have any interest in controlling the silver markets?

a) Silver is a vital metal in used in military technology

b) Control of the price of scarce resources is a strategic objective of the US Government

c) A skyrocketing silver price would call into question the strength of the US Dollar

d) All of the above

d) All of the above

Common sense tells me that there is a significant amount of silver used in the modern military. From batteries to smart bombs to binoculars to satellites silver has turned into a necessary component of today's high tech warfare.

Back in 2002 David Morgan wrote an article that touched upon this topic.

Silver Fundamental to War

"One item of paramount importance to nearly everyone is war. According to data in the early 1980's, the U.S. military used more than 5,000 items containing silver, ranging from a naval torpedo using 4,161 ounces of silver to the smallest relays using less than 23 grams. The Defense Department has acknowledged that there are over 150 different kinds of bearings containing silver. The Defense Department also states that over 100 different kinds of batteries containing anywhere from a few grams to over 1000 ounces of silver are used in military applications.

A good amount of silver is used in jets, ships, submarines, and rockets. Silver is used to provide bonding of titanium and stainless steel. In most military applications it is necessary that all equipment work accurately and reliably. Only silver enables this military hardware to meet these requirements.

At one time an official government report stated:

The increase in the use of precious metals in both military and civilian commodities has been phenomenal. Indications are that this use will continue or increase in the coming years. At the time, President Regan had pledged to build the MX missile, which would have required massive amounts of silver for backup battery systems.

According to "Silver Profits in the Eighties" by Jerome Smith, a very interesting condition was mentioned. In the event of a major war, no matter how much per ounce it would be willing to pay, there is no way that the U.S. military could purchase the silver it would require for such a conflict. Using the estimated silver usage during WWII, all the available silver bullion in all commodities exchanges and in private stockpiles worldwide would only satisfy the national need for two years.

END Of course, this type of information is held very close to the vest in the US military for reasons that are obvious but also to protect the US Dollar.

16) Why has the US put road blocks in front of silver mining companies from developing domestic silver mines?

a) There are environmental regulations that must be met

b) There is no silver shortage in the world so development is not a priority.

c) The US plan is to use all foreign silver deposits before developing our own

e) The US does not have any large domestic silver deposits

ANSWER: c) The US plan is to use all foreign silver deposits before developing our own

It has long been the policy of the United States to USE OTHER COUNTRIES SCARCE NATURAL RESOURCES FIRST and save ours in the ground until later. I touched upon this in my article The Oil Con:

This policy will end with the coming destruction of the banking cabal and the return to the Gold/Silver Standard but in the mean time plans are being drawn up to NATIONALIZE large portions of the United States.

The following is an excerpt of a recent Friday Road Trip:

Secret Nationalization Plans of US Mining Properties... on Obama's Desk!

One of the questions posed on page 5 of the Road to Roota comic is whether or not the Government should take over the mining of gold (i.e. "Colored Flowers").

"Finally, should the mayor of Pebbleton announce that the town itself will undertake some of these projects, raising taxes to finance them and distributing all the proceeds from the venture equitably?"

It kinda sounded to me like some sort of mine Nationalization program, but after reading the following article the odds greatly increased that mining property confiscation may be part of the plan.

Just look what's sitting on Obama's desk!

White House Land Grab

"A secret administration memo has surfaced revealing plans for the federal government to seize more than 10 million acres from Montana to New Mexico, halting job-creating activities like ranching, forestry, mining and energy development."

"President Obama could enact the plans in this memo with just the stroke of a pen, without any input from the communities affected by it."

This is VERY SERIOUS stuff. No games. The land involved with this take over holds some of the most important natural resource reserves in the world including the hidden gold in the Grand Canyon and in the Chocolate Mountains.

Golden Secrets

I understand why they don't want anyone to profit off the transition. Some of the smartest minds in America designed a way to rig the markets for decades without profiting for themselves. They watched the banking cabal steal their market rigging computer programming tools to become outrageously rich...yet still they sat back and waited. Now it's all about to end and they want NO WINNERS IN THE RETURN TO THE GOLD STANDARD.

Again, I don't have much faith in ANY mining shares surviving the crash...go buy some more physical gold and silver and stick it under your pillow so you don't miss out on "what could have been"!

17) Two days after silver trader Andrew Mcguire was announced as having email and voice mail proof that JP Morgan was conspiring to rig the silver markets what happened to him?

a) He was praised as a hero by the CFTC because they finally had solid proof of silver market manipulation.

b) The news agencies all around the world spread the word that the silver market was rigged.

c) All the silver mining companies filed law suits against JP Morgan for silver market manipulation

d) Him and his wife were victims of a likely attempted murder and ended up in the hospital.

ANSWER: d) Him and his wife were victims of a likely attempted murder and ended up in the hospital.

If you were trying to write a screen play for a murder mystery you would be reluctant to make this story up because it would be too obvious who the culprit was...but this is what happened!

JP Morgan "chase" Story in UK

Many in the mainstream media who don't believe in manipulation say this was just a freak coincidence and there was no "grand conspiracy" to kill off the silver whistle blower.

Well, it looks like there is a whole lot more to this "freak coincidence" than meets the eye!

It has been almost three months since the accident and the British authorities are not saying ANYTHING about the assailant who was captured. TWO MONTHS! It is Mr. Maguire himself who has come forward to report this information.

'Serious manipulation' of gold, silver markets

"We got hit in the side at full acceleration and tried to corral the cars in a gas station, including the guy who hit us with a commercial vehicle," Maguire explained.

The assailant then got in his car and accelerated, hitting a number of cars as he escaped from the gas station, making the event into a hit-and-run situation.

"The police told us the assailant was known to them and even that they arrested him," Maguire said. "But recently the police won't say anything, and I haven't been able to learn anything about the assailant."


Clearly, there is much more to this situation and the authorities are keeping it very "hush, hush".

18) According to Jeffery Christian of CPM group, what is the justification for JP Morgan and HSBC to have gigantic short positions on the COMEX futures and options markets?

a) They are "bona fide hedgers" of physical metal.

b) They are all hedged by paper long positions.

c) They are facilitators of the central banks.

d) They are smarter than all other traders.

a) They are "bona fide hedgers" of physical metal.

For a long, long, LONG time I have been jumping up and down that the "mainstream gold morons" like Jeffrey Christian and Jon Nadler have only one keep people AWAY from gold and silver so their bosses, the banking cabal, can continue the rig job. This has never been more evident these past few months.

Jeffery Christian spent far too much time at the recent CFTC hearings telling the world that he has been consulting the Barricks and Central Banks of the world to play in the gold/sivler forwards, options and swaps. He claims to be "the brains" behind the entire metal derivatives markets. All the big players in the world are friends of his.

The reality is that he was the head of Goldman's metal analysts department in the 1980's. Goldman figured out that to fully rig the gold and silver markets they had to have a "credible analyst" feeding loads of phony stats and analysis to the market to keep everyone clueless. By setting him up with his own company they could gain more "credibility" and continue to fool the world. If Christian was spouting his crap from inside Goldman people would see through him easily so they spun him off but still control his content 100%.

It was quite amazing to hear Christian admit the HE IS ONE OF THE BANKING CABAL HENCHMEN! I'd hate to be standing in his shoes when the hammer comes down on the place to place to hide.

19) Where did the banking cabal find the physical silver needed to continue the market rigging operations throughout the 1990's and 2000's even though all market participants knew there was a massive supply deficit?

a) Silver recycled from photographic processing

b) China was secretly supplying the world with hidden silver

c) Silver reclaimed from part of the Manhattan Project

d) People recycling their silverware and silver tea sets

ANSWER: c) Silver reclaimed from part of the Manhattan Project

To this day this was one of my best articles as it shattered the silver shortage mystery as well as shined the light on how important silver really is to the National Security of the US.

The idea that began my investigation came when Chris Powell of GATA pointed out that according to USGS data the US exported a HUGE amount of physical silver over a 4 year period from 1995-1998. The export equaled about 350M oz of silver and stuck out like a sore thumb in their report:

From there came my interest in tracking the origin of this metal down and the discovery of the History Channel movie "Lost Worlds - Secret Cities of the A-Bomb" and the book "Now It Can Be Told" by Lieutenant General Leslie R. Groves.

Here are the articles I wrote on the silver used in the Y-12 Calutrons:

The Great Silver Mystery...REVEALED!

More on the Great Silver Mystery.

Once you understand this mystery you will understand what is REALLY going on behind the scenes in the silver market.

If the silver shortage was important enough to shut down the Manhattan Project you can bet it is important enough to be surreptitiously controlled on the COMEX by official and unofficial sources.

20) What happened to all the physical silver that was stored in the COMEX vaults under building 7 of the World Trade Center on 911?

a) It disintegrated into dust just like the building.

b) It was removed seconds before the building imploded

c) It was recovered from the rubble during the clean-up

d) Nobody has come forward with a credible answer so it remains a mystery to this day.

ANSWER: d) Nobody has come forward with a credible answer so it remains a mystery to this day.

Make no mistake. The reason that the "good guys" are taking down the banking cabal now is that the atrocities of 911 were the last straw. The change in Roota's drawing in the sand tells the story and can be understood in the context of The Road to Roota Theory

One day, very soon, the banking cabal will be removed from control and we will once again become free individuals willing and able to choose our own destiny.


How did you do? Do you know what's going on in the SILVER market now?

Here's how to rank your score...

Correct Answers:

0-5 You should stop watching CNBC and start reading the Road to Roota ARCHIVES!

6-10 You are just learning about the "Little Man behind the Curtain"...keep it up.

11-15 You have more knowledge of the Silver market than 99.9% of all investors.

16-19 You need to teach the masses about silver because YOU ARE IN THE KNOW!

21... Perfect Score! you got all the answers right...


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